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PTSD Support/Services in SoCal

PTSD Support/Services in SoCal


I am a newbie to this site and I need HELP!!! I am looking for resources in Orange County that provides/offers support for people suffering from PTSD. I am a victim of domestic violence. Currently I have no insurance coverage and am temporarily staying with a friend until I can get myself pulled together...which I am seriously wondering if it is possible.

I am not taking any meds at this time. Not sure if this is the best route because I am really struggling with depression and anxiety. I cannot sleep due to the night terrors.

I am a 55 year old female and I need a job too but I am not sure what I am even capable of handling at this point in time. I have a business degree and many years of experience in International Logistics. My past jobs have been so stressful that it made my conditions worse.

I would greatly appreciate any ideas and/or suggestions.

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hi there I'm nat from the UK I suffer badly from ptsd anxiety and depression. I've had a lot of traumas in my life you need a counselling organisation where you live and sweetie you seriously need medication it helps greatly I went without meds for years it glad I have them now as they take that edge's the flashbacks I deal with a lot I get them all the time I try to block it out but I can't 😩 we are all here for mainly the same sort of thing maybe we could support each other.I'm so sorry you went through such a bad time I know how domestic violence affects you. Know this you a re not alone we are all here for you xx



Hi Nat,

Thank you so much for your reply and support. I will check out joyfulheartfoundation. I really have been isolating myself too much. Trusting anyone right now is like leaping off the tallest skyscraper without any safety nets. I feel so, vulnerable and fragile. Part of the reason I am off meds is that one of my traumas occurred in a hospital at the order of a doctor who happens to also be my very own brother. So going to doctors triggers panic attacks and flashbacks of that event.

I really appreciate your compassion and I pray for your strength along this recovery journey as well.





Try dialing 211 on your cell. Im in SoCal as well. They should be able to help you with whatever services you need. Also try calling 1 (800) 273-TALK.


Thank you so much!!


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