My panic attacks seem to be on a schedule?

My panic attacks seem to be on a schedule?

I woke up from a nap last night and was very upset? Sad? I thought I was upset that my boyfriend could not hang out with me last night. I yelled at him about how he doesn't spend time with me. He looked at me and wondered why I was upset since when he reminded me, we hung out earlier and had lots of fun, I was completely fine with it and happy. I knew I was being irrational. Then my mind quickly turned to the next thing, where my dad isn't responding to any of my weekly texts and may not attend my college graduation. My head wants to spin and swell over the things I cannot control, and I just panicked with crying and hyperventilating for 25 minutes. It was shorter this time. It's been like this at the same time at night after a nap at least once to every other week. When it passed this time, my boyfriend put his hand on my shoulder and said, "you need to find out what is wrong with you."

It seems dark thoughts of guilt and abandonment take hold of me often. Making friends is very difficult for me. I live on my own at a very young age and am self supporting. I did not get along with my father's side of the family. I move out of my mother's due to not having the same religious beliefs. The only two people in my life that can calm me down are myself, my mom, and my boyfriend.

I'm already attending counseling, doing breathing (somewhat) and on 5-htp supplements. I need help. I've done breathing, it helps but I need more. Does anyone take supplements to maintain their panic attacks? Any other coping skills?

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  • I'm tired but one suggestion is upon waking could you set up an activity that is positive eg wake to an alarm of great music etc etc. To try to reset the pattern?

  • For a long time I had an anxiety attack everyday at about five in the afternoon. Have you talked to a doctor about possibly starting on an antidepressant? You could also ask about a benzodiazepine (xanax, klonopin, Ativan, etc) they help with anxiety attacks. If you want something herbal then I highly recommend kava kava tea. It is very relaxing and elevates your mood. I'm sorry about your past and current situation. Just try to remember that you are not alone and you don't have to fight this alone. I'm always available to talk if you need it! Stay strong and best wishes!

  • Thanks! I really found your response helpful. I think I may go herbal. YOGI has kava kava tea, do you know of better/favorite brands?

  • What calmed my panic attack down was i made life changes it started wuth a new job and getting away from negative people in my life. Hope that helps good luck im here if you need to talk

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