This isn't right

I had a really bad night where I woke up so much I literally couldn't tell what times I was awake and asleep. I'm struggling to think and when I do, i "buffer" for a good 20-30 seconds before I figure out what I need or was told to do. My hand-eye coordination is also being strange because I can't easily tough something without nearly missing it unless I take my time. My hands are also slightly shaky.

What is this and why is it happening? Is it my "bipolar" getting worse or something else?

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  • Hi I shouldn't think so as you were in a deep sleep and it can take a few minutes to really wake up. I know first thing in the mornings I am usually very uncoordinated which is why I wait a while before having my breakfast! I don't have bi-polar.

  • I wasn't in a deep sleep at all last night, I kept waking up even when my little brother (5) laughed in his sleep 😑

  • Well you said you still had a bad night. This can still be caused by the overlap where your body is awake but your brain isn't quite yet. It can take a few minutes for coordination to return.

  • Thank u, I'll see how it goes

  • Good. Please don't obsess or overthink as this isn't doing you any good at all. Look outwards, not inwards.

  • Thank u 🤗

  • Have faith in God,nothing is happening

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