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Struggling with PTSD, depression & anxiety

Hello everyone I am 17 years of age and I am struggling to keep myself here ever since I lost my baby on the 2nd Feb this year, I have depression, anxiety and PTSD and I don't leave my house anymore I barely even leave bed 😞 Just feel as if the worlds on top of me I don't know what to be at with myself anymore and just want to end everything the pain is horrendous 💔

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Please accept my condolences at the loss of your precious baby. I can never truly understand how great your loss is, but I do care about how very much you are hurting.

Right now it's important that you keep your mind busy with anything that distracts you from thinking about your loss. That may sound stupid, but it's true. You can only dwell on your loss just so much before you go out of your mind with the pain. You must think about other less painful things even though they are hard to focus on. It will get easier the more you practice.

You can look at pictures of places that are beautiful or interesting in some way. On the internet you can type in whatever interests you or also look at magazines, either way is fine. Try to imagine yourself in the pictures you look at. Would you like to be walking along the hills you see? What do you think is over the next hill? Out of sight on the left? I think you get the idea.

Or sometimes we can talk about anything you pick. What's your favorite color? Now your fave number? Okay, I'm thinking of 7 fat, jolly, juicy elves wearing green jackets while pumping gas into your green car. Deep conversation, right?


Hi Cloe...loosing a baby is a very sad event. We are here and some of us have had such a loss. So please never feel alone or feel no one understands.

You mentioned your diagnoses....was that made by a doctor or mental health professional? If so, perhaps you may want to consider talking with one of them. You are not alone....

While you were carrying your baby, you probably were not on any medication. Following birth or a loss of a baby can cause hormones to affect you.

Perhaps now is the time to talk to your ob/gyn or family doctor about how depressed and sad you feel. There is nothing wrong in doing that, ok? You are not alone...

Please remember we are here if you want to "talk" some more.


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