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I am new here.My age is 56 years.I belong to India.I am having depression for last 32 years.I met frustration at the age of 23 years and

since then my life has changed.I am married .I have 2 grownup boys .One is serving ,the other one is studying.I am the sole earner of the family.I am taking tab venlafaxine 150mg /day,that too I have started taking from 2013.I am under the care of a good local psychiatrist.I am pretty miserable.Whole day I am bothered by my thoughts.The life has no purpose.

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Your venlafaxine isn't working and your doctor needs to know that. Always report that your medicine isn't working so your doctor can adjust the amount or change to another medicine. Please don't accept taking a drug that isn't helping you. Your doctor can't help you without you telling him/her if it's working or not. If it's partially working, report that. Tell him the words you have written above and he will understand. I wish you a much happier existence once you get the right medicine in the right amount.

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