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Constant worry

Constant worry!

Hello everyone I'm a 34yr old male, who has had anxiety issues ever since my early teens. Been on several different meds and currently take 50mg of zoloft. I've had blood pressure issues since I was in my 20s, and I constantly worry about a heart attack, family history of heart problems. Think most of my anxiety is physical anxiety if there is such a thing? I seem irratable all the time, my ears seem like they burn constantly, heart flutters throughout the day. Chest will get tight from time to time. Or just an uneasy feeling, no matter how many times I go to the doc I check out fine EKG have always been fine. Will constant worry elevate BP? I know if I could just stop worrying so much about my BP a lot of this would go away I just don't know how to talk myself out of it when it starts. And any meds I have taken don't really seem to help much.. just want this uneasy feeling to go away and live a normal life without all the worrying..

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I have health anxiety which was made much worse by taking an antibiotic of all things (antibiotics can screw with the gut and as most of our neurotransmitters which impact our mood are made in the gut, antibiotics can really effect people with mood disorders). I relate, and am currently taking Zoloft as well. Before I took this blasted antibiotic I felt I was making real progress. Here are some things I did:

1. Neurologic chiropractor--two sessions a week

2. B complex vitamin

3. Probiotics

4. Some type of exercise

5. Hot baths with Epsom salts

6. Camille tea with freshly squeezed lemon

Obviously, everyone's anxiety is different so I can't say for sure if these things will work, but they really helped me and hopefully will help again as I recover from the effects of that antibiotic.


Hi,I have suffered through some of the same things.Have you talked to the Dr who prescribed you the Zoloft? 50 mg is a very low dose. B vitamins are good as well as yoga and meditation. One thing you can do is breathe and close your. Eyes and do addition or multiplication tables in your mind. Seems weird but it can help. I hope some of this helps.


Hi, all I know is that when I feel anxiety coming over me, I then find something else to do to take mind off it, distraction method. I do online colouring which I do like and for me it works.

I think my anxiety started getting worse when I was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, so I get it quite often, probably a lot less than most other people.

Good luck in your search and when one of us finds a cure in the future, we can put it on hear for everyone to share.

Take care.


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