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Change in Escitalopram manufacturer lead to debilitating anxiety

I have been taking Lexapro for about 11 years now for sporadic panic attacks (maybe once a month). When the generic Escitalopram became available I switched to generic with no problem. Just recently I switched my prescription to Rite Aid and received a new manufacturer (Aurobindo). After two days of taking the new manufacturer I had a SEVERE panic attack which lead to me calling 911 and going to the ER. They determined my heart was fine and sent me home. I made 2 additional trips to the ER within the next 3 days due to severe anxiety that I had never experienced before. My heart rate was continuously 90 or higher, I was light headed, felt like I couldn't breathe, so nauseous I couldn't even force myself to eat anything. During one of my ER visits I was prescribed Ativan (first time I've ever taken a benzodiazepine) which helps but something I'd rather not have to take. Two weeks later and I am still struggling with residual daily anxiety. Has anyone else had a bad experience with a manufacturer change? Although the medication is for certain out of my system the effects have been ongoing.

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I have recently experienced the same thing. Been on Escitalopram for at least 5 years and Lexapro for a couple before that. Recently Costco changed their manufacture from Blue Point to Accord Heathca. It has been a horrible month with withdrawal symptoms (brain zaps, body aches, general feeling of sickness), mood swings, severe anxiety, panic attacks and not feeling like myself at all. When I talked to the pharmacist he said that it shouldn't matter what manufacturer it is that they are all the same on a molecule level. Not sure what I am going to do yet. Just been trying to survive day by day. I hope that you are feeling better/have found a solution that works for you.


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