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Night time

My days are decent, I wake up and do things around the house or go to work. Night time is when I get anxious, anxious about going to bed, and to lay by myself. I fear that when I go to sleep I won't wake up. I hate being alone and not having someone here with me. I hate thinking I might not ever find someone who accepts me for me. But mostly I'm tired and I'm tired of being so worked up at night I cannot get to sleep. I could take my Xanax but I'm trying not to, I don't want to rely on these medications to get through my days.

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Hi girl! I've been there! I've spent a lot of time learning how to be happy throughout my life and I've gone through so many things. I am not sure how old you are, but just know that there is always time. You are worried about never finding the right person, but think, what happens if you rush into something with the WRONG PERSON. Don't rush, go on date sites. Talk to people, but respect yourself not to sleep with anyone just for them to like you. Instead, talk, get to know each other. I personally used dating sites and I've prospered a wonderful relationship from it. But before this relationship, I got out of a 4 year relationship with someone who constantly cheated on me. After, I learned how to love myself, put myself first and improve myself. I go to sleep and don't worry about someone cheating on me at night. It's cliche but its true, it could always be worse. Go out with friends, if you don't have friends, make some, (Try Bumble.) I moved to Virginia and made really good friends from it. Stay busy, try new things, work, have fun and enjoy life. Why be sad when you can have all these other emotions to choose from? Why worry about something that might not even happen. Who knows, the person you're looking for might be there already! Sometimes we are so focused on a closed door that we don't realize the one that is open for us. Love yourself, continue school, work, volunteer, be productive. Stay optimistic. I read a good book a while ago, "The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale." Let me know if it doesn't help! I hope this helps a little and if there is something else I can do, let me know!!

Miss Mala

Washington, D.C.

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Nighttime is when you need a sleep aide. I have been using them for years that I only get anxious when I am about to run out.

I don't do Xanax or Prozac, but I do have a daily med for my anxiety that works quite well.

there is so much bad said about medication, but what I tell people is when you need it, you need it. I used to be scared that I would get addicted to medication but then I thought about it and it dawned on me that it does not matter since I do need them to function anyway. For many years I could not get good sleep and my life and career suffered as a result. But then I started taking meds, I was able to rebuild my career(took some time) and life is much better for me now. I wake up better rested and I am able to function well during my day so, and all this because i decided to go on medication.

like Dr Oz likes to say, there is no need to suffer needlessly!


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