Medication Switch

Hi, My doctor wants to switch my medication to Lamictal which is the Generic Name. The Brand Name is Lamotrigine. I'm hearing from other people that they feel better with this drug. I don't like trying different medications, but the ones that i'm taking now are not working. The biggest side effect i'm hearing is a rash, that is very rare to happen. Asise from so much sadness and depression. I have mood swings. Can anyone here in this group tell anything about this medication? Thank You!

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  • Hey there! One of my loved ones was on Lamictal for several years without any remarkable side effects to speak of. He found it very helpful, although I should tell you that he was prescribed it for off-label use. I hope you find it helpful, too!

  • Thank you for letting me know. So far I haven't heard anything negative. Thanks again!

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