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irrational fears

recently became a single mom after divorce and had to move into an apt since i couldn't afford the house payment alone and got a new job since I couldn't support me and my son on my last one. Suffered from anxiety for many years but was mainly under control until this last year of drastic life changes. Cant seem to talk myself out of obsessive thoughts and worry.

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Do you have something in particular that you are worried about?


I constantly worry about death. I have a small family, my sis (married with two kids) and my parents who are in their seventies. I know death is inevitable, however sometimes I can't stop obsessing about it. I have a faith life and go to church but sometimes even that doesn't give me comfort.


Medication can be very helpful. I go to a sliding- scale clinic and even they do a genetic test to see which meds are likely to work and which ones will not. I highly recommend seeing a psychiatrist so you can get a prescription to help get through the stress. Also, there are some things that you can do such as making yourself stay in the present moment, keeping busy, allowing a 30- minute window daily which is your only worry time, and don't try to resist the negative thoughts, just let them pass and replace them with thoughts of here and now.


Hi stacci7774u.

Where are you from? The reason I ask is you mention a genetic test what is this? I live in the Uk 🇬🇧 and don't think our doctors do this.

I've been waiting to see a councillor for 13 weeks the waiting list is so longgggg, day by day I feel my anxiety getting more and more a hold of me while I'm trying my hardest to kick it off.

Regards jjb83


Hi. I live in Florida /U.S. When my genetic test was done, a swab of my saliva was sent off to see which drugs would be affective or ineffective. Everyone is different, of course, so we found that one of the drugs I was on was doing absolutely nothing so I got off of it but we are still in the process of trying others and I am not doing well. I can't tell you more about the test because I don't know anything but if you call 850 437 8531 and ask for Lindsay, maybe she can help you (give you the lab info, etc.) Lindsay is the person who took my swab. Please do not tell her I sent you, just tell her it's confidential. Let m know if that helps you. Thanks.



Thank you for the number, I think I might try and see if they do it here in the Uk. I'm riding it out without tablets as I have tried almost every tablet and I get a lot of side effects from them.

Thank you for your reply



I do that also. I'm scared of death. I frequently think that things are wrong with me. A lot of the time I think my eyes are going blind even though I've been told they are fine. I feel like I can't see. I also feel like I'm not really in my life. Like the days are a blur and I don't remember the day. All of this in turn causes more anxiety.


I'm sorry you are having such awful things to obsess over. I can relate I also have some very real obbsisions and fear sometimes the just circle and circle in my brain. Sometimes I play worst case .other times I make myself survive the situation. It can be very fearful and overwhelming. I hope you the best in recovering. It sounds like you should be proud of what you have accomplished in the last year.

I did find comfort and hope in the articles in this magazine

I hope it brings you some peace . And keep your head up


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