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Help forbkids and teens

Hello, I also have a step daughter that we have that has panick attacks and physical symtoms to add. Because if my own issues with all this I can guide her easier. she has now gained trust in me and can rely on me and that is comfort for her. But she also knows she has to learn to self soothe. I may not always be here. . meditation is great and she does crossfit almost nightly. teens with these issues need support. support in any way. So she did not like she had to go to workout but crossfit is a team. unlike gyms..mosy anyways.

so now she loves it. its like another family to her. she feels support and safe there. no panick attacks. I am here if you need help...

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It's great you are able to help your stepdaughter and now any other kids or teens that need your help! Kudos to you!


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