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Mom of teen with depression psychosis and anxiety

I was given this site by the inpatient facility my 17 yr old daughter is in right now. I would love to talk with other parents in the same situation or teens with the same. Im exhausted and sad and trying to do everything for my daughter to help her. This has been going on for 3 years. She is also a cutter. She is a great girl. So smart athletic kind and talented. But the depression had taken most of that away. I love her so much and im struggling because she is struggling.

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Hi Soccermomalways! I am not a teen nor mom of teen but my heart goes out to you both ((((((Hug))))))) I am suffering from bipolar severe anxiety and panic disorder. I am afraid my 5 and 10 yr olds are having anxiety issues. It hurts so much to see pain in my kiddos. My 22 yr old copes really well with his anxiety. I hope you will find everything you need. This is a really great site. I think you will love it. Best to you.

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P.s. the things that have really helped us are practicing mindfulness and meditation , plus deep breathing. Then tools to distract and soothe like music, writing, self care like tea or bath etc And exercise always helps.

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Hi, I really feel for you. I don't have much to add to what the others had to say except maybe to search through older posts on here and it can help in that it gives you more information but it sounds like you're doing the right things even though you're exhausted. I know Mind provide a lot of information leaflets which you may also find useful. Here's a link which I hope you find helpful.


All the best. XX


Hello I am not a teen, but I can relate to being a teenage girl dealing with anxiety and depression. I too was a cutter when I was in high school. I still struggle with depression and anxiety, but I haven't self harmed in many years.

The fact that you are here reaching out for help and support for your daughter is huge though. I think it's a really good step to take.

My mom was ashamed of me when I was a cutter and ended up in an inpatient unit. I was scolded and told that I better never do it again, that I needed to quit doing stupid things for attention. I wasn't allowed to get the help that I needed and I think that is a big reason why I still struggle so much today.

What I'm trying to say is your daughter may not be able to tell you now or may not realize it now; but you being there for her and being supportive of her is a really big help. The daughter you remember before all this is still in there and she sees you. She knows you're there and that is a very good thing for her.

Taking her to and helping her to get the professional help she needs is so important. All I can say is it sounds like as a mother you are doing everything that you can to help.

I can't imagine how you feel exactly as a parent in this position, but as a teenager in that position my mom's support would have been extremely helpful to me. Just knowing she has you is so much more important than you can know.

I don't know how I can be helpful, but I am here for you if you need someone. We are all here for you. This site has been extremely helpful to me when I just need someone to talk to. I have found some helpful advice too. I'm wishing you and your daughter nothing but the best. I hope you both have better days soon. Hugs to you both. ❤


Thank you so much for the reply. Her dad and i are both here for her and are trying to help in any way we can. We are encouraging her to come to us before she wants to cut so we can talk it out and do something to get her mind off the negative thoughts. She is in a dbt group sees a psychiatrist and has gone through a few different therapists trying to find one she likes. We have changed meds done braincore neurofeedback therapy she has several workbooks on cutting and depression and has an essential oil diffuser in her room. Nothing seems to get her where she needs to be. She is inpatient for the 5th time in 3 years. The first time when this all started she was being bullied and was sexually assalted by a boy in middle school who we pressed charges against and went to jail. She also has had 4 concussions in 16 months from competitive soccer. She no longer plays as of 1 year ago. It has been a rough few years but we have always been there for her and she is slowly starting to open up and talk to us more. We will never ever give up on her.

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That is so great that she has both of you there for her. I'm 30 yrs old and just beginning therapy, so I can't really say if there is anything that helps more than another. From what I'm hearing from others though is it's different for everyone. They have also told me it takes time.

I am so sorry she had to go through that. I was abused by my father until I was almost 14 yrs old. It's taken me until now to try and get the help I need. I tried back then but my mom wouldn't allow me to even talk about it.

All I can say is I truly feel for her and I know how hard something like that can be to deal with. It really does change you as a person I think. I'm still trying to figure out who I am.

I'm so glad she is getting help now and doesn't have to repress everything like I did. It's good that she is starting to open up. I would say just let her open up at her own pace and don't push for anything. Listening and being there for her when she wants to talk is one of the best things I think you can do.

You all can and will get through this together. I truly believe that. It's just a really hard and long process, but you're doing all the right things. (Hugs)


HI Soccermom,

Your post is from quite a while ago but I'm wondering how you are both doing? I have a teen with enormous anxiety and I too went through so much pain and worry with her. Still going through it but it's better. Happy to chat :)


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