Panic attacks are making believe I have heart problems

Pretty much one day about 3yrs ago I had a feeling in my heart where my heart did a flip flop I thought I was having a heart attack it's been 3yrs and I'm still convinced everyday that I'm going to have one. I also have palpitations frequently. Ive been seen by 2 heart doctors and worn 3 heart monitors and everything came back normal but I'm just not convinced.

Anyone else dealing with this?

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  • Yes, I have experienced this as well. Even though it is one of the symptoms of anxiety, it is possibly the scariest. The only advice I can give is: that I try and visualize my heartbeat, and sometimes that helps me to lower it.

    My daughter also suffers from anxiety, and I found that sometimes just placing a hand on the middle of her back, right between the shoulder blades helps. This allows us to know that someone is there and they understand the struggle.

  • Yup this is me EVERYDAY ALL DAY I have had 5 ECG and I am still convinced something bad is going to happen to me. I get this breathless feeling and it feels like my heart skips a beat it scares me soooooooo bad

  • Hi, just like you a suffet from panic attacks. They are the worst feeling i had ever experienced. One way i can distiguist a panic attack is that scalates fairly fast (seconds), and dont last very long. Then, i am just left with a terrible anxiety. I am too experience the fear of having a hart attack. I experience very high anxiety lately and the high blood pressure and palpitations surely scare me.

    I hope you find a way to cope with it. I am still trying very hard

  • It's acatually a serious relief to know that I am not alone in these symptoms I am having. I've felt so alone for so long with my anxiety I recently started therapy and some group focus classes and I'm hoping for a breakthrough! Thank you all for your replies and I pray for relief for all of you as well. We WILL overcome this!

  • Believe me Birdiebree, you are not alone in this at all it is more common than you think. Feeling like you have a heart issue brings many people to ER, but the reality is you need to go if you truly feel like it is heart related. Try to take solace in the fact that 2 heart docs and 3 monitors have said nothing is wrong. I know this my sound strange but embrace the fear knowing that nothing is wrong even though it is scaring the hell out of you. Keep telling yourself it is just that brain of yours that is doing this. That is how I get through things, by just saying to myself that it is my anxiety and not my heart and I can keep going knowing I am not having a heart attack. This works some times. Hope I make sense.

  • Thank you!! That definitely makes sense and I appreciate you're calming words to their fullest extent :)

  • I am new to this group and I have experiencing severe panic attacks. I went to the ER Thursday bc I knew I was having a heart attack. Thus was the worst feeling in my life. My heart rate was high as 165 n my BP was 172/109. I felt if I closed my eyes, I was dead. I kept thinking that I was dying and wasn't ready. My face was numb and my body was going cold. They told me that I was having a panic attack but the prior week, I had been having sharp pains in my chest. The EKG was normal. But I still want to get checked out for heart problems. I have had an attack each day now.

  • Medea80 I feel the EXACT same way when I get my panic attacks and those are daily. It's beyond scary but you are not in this alone. I promise, I have had my heart rate up that high as well going into the ER with blood pressure through the roof like that but all tests came back Normal and I was sent home. Anxiety sucks!! But we will overcome it. Keep your head up and know many others are in the same place as you. I recommend therapy. It's very helpful and can get down to the pit of what's causing your anxiety even if you can't think of a thing that could be causing it sometimes it's something you'd never think of until you get professional help and advice. Hang in there!

    Also still get an appointment with a cardiologist just to be sure it's nothing underlineling. It will help ease your mind a bit to hear it from an actual heart doctor and not just the ER

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