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Anxiety after moving out

Hello all,

I just moved out of my parents house a week and a half ago. I am 32 and I am having a horrible time adjusting. I wake up in the morning with knots in my stomach and just want to cry.... I miss my old home that I lived in my whole life, I miss my parents, I miss my dog. Also I am very anxious that I will never feel better.., Please help!!!

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Well I can kind of relate. I'm still living with my parents but back in the Fall we had to move out of the house we'd lived in since I was in high school(I'm 29 now). That alone would have been very hard for me but around that time everything else was in shambles to. My uncle had to have both of his kidneys removed because of cancer. My mom and I both ended up spending a long time down with my grandma and uncle helping them out and it was extremely stressful. Then we finally got to come home so we could get ready to move and my dog suddenly got sick and died. I felt like everything I knew was gone. It caused extreme anxiety and depression. We'd been here less than a week and I scalded two of my toes pretty badly to add to the stress and anxiety. I thought I was going to end up locked up and some days I still feel that way.

It's been just over 3 months since we moved and while I still miss my old house and especially my old room beyond words, it's getting easier slowly. One thing that helped me was I just threw myself into decorating my new room. I hand wrote positive quotes and hung up a bunch of things that were special to me. It kept me busy and made it feeling more like mine. I hope things get easier for you soon!


Hi Shortiesangel!

I'm just gonna tell you my ideas:

Moving is hard, always. It will take some time to adjust to new surroundings. What I always do when I move is make small walks in the new neighborhood to check out where good shops are and where there is a nice cafe/coffeeshop to go drink coffee some time. That makes me feel more at home and gives me something to do.

Another idea is: maybe your dog can stay with you for a while? Or you can get a pet of your own (I take care of a friend's cat, she always greets me when I come home). Maybe your parents can come visit a few times and help make it feel cosy (paint the wall, hang curtains)?

There are also nice things about living alone: you can play whatever music you want, whenever...leave the tv on, go to bed whenever, walk around naked, dance around without bothering anyone, eat icecream all day, let the dishes pile up, have a weird color wall, develop your own crazy decorating style....things like that. It's great to be naughty. I live alone and wouldn't want to have it any other way.

I hope you feel better soon!


I went through a very similar experience about a year ago. I moved out with my boyfriend about 25-30 minutes from my parents house and experienced severe anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I have a history of separation anxiety from my parents. We (me, my parents, therapist, and boyfriend) decided to make it a slower transition. Per week, I spent five nights at my parents and two nights at my new place and I slowly increased my time at my new place. It took about three months for me to fully move in. Taking it slow really helped me with the adjustment. I continue to see my parents very frequently which is also helpful. Good luck!


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