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Anxiety and blacking out?


I had an anxiety attack and I was to the point of blacking out on the ground, and I haven’t had an anxiety attack for about 3 - 4 months and I’m worried about my health because I wasn’t feeling anxious at all but for the past few days I have felt my heart pounding on and off... I’m just concerned for myself

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Maybe you should get it checked, just to put your mind at ease.

I hope you will be ok .

Hey, Carrie.

I’m no doctor, but I am a nursing student currently and someone who has recently (now recovering feels like I got in a 12 round boxing match 😀) from my first panic attack I’ve ever had.

I’ve had anxiety since I was around 16 and am 30 tomorrow.

I’m in great shape and eat pretty healthy and I have even had 3 episodes in my life where I’ve all of sudden poured sweat all Over and black out fainted and had to crawl to a shower or toilet to throw up and get over it. I don’t know if it was a mini stroke or a panic attack like the one I recently had (didn’t black out) but for the last 2 days my hearts racing so fast, I’m cold shivering and sweaty clammy at the same time, can’t sleep and I’m so worried I’m dying.

Just telling you this so you have some company :( I think the brain is so powerful and we give ourselves physical symptoms from worry and anxiety.

I know you said it was so random and that is scary I do understand ... although most of the time the simplest answer is correct as cliche as the sounds it’s almost certainly true for our health. Certainly there are outliers but ... I’d recommend getting checks out by a doctor .. (MRI or cat scan maybe) if it will make you feel better that physically there’s nothing wrong.

I think besides that /\ giving you peace of mind ... you have to find faith and understand and keep telling yourself that terrible feeling won’t last.

I have been taking some melatonin with a glass of milk at night and it actually works a little. Maybe you should try? Other than than I would discuss it with a close friend or family member and try to sleep some. The brain need rest so bad more than any other organ. Especially for people with anxiety/panic attacks.

So rest up and think positive ... put healthy things in your body and I hope it will pass! I’m right there with you right at this current moment! It stinks .. but we will get through it. No other choice but to be faithful and move forward in a positive manner realizing it takes time for our minds and nervous systems to heal.

Thank you, I needed the closure... I have been using melatonin to go to sleep when I need it, but haven’t lately... I think I’m stressing out over some personal life problems and with this virus going around I worry... I’m an over thinker, and I’ve gotten use to it where it’s normal... that probably takes a toll and affects my anxiety... I will rest up and stay hydrated thank you for you help

Yeah the virus is scary! And I’m right there with you on the overthinking. The problem is that when we get into that habit it’s SO hard to get out of. Our thoughts can make us sick or heal us. And I know this is true through physiology of how the hypothalamus releases hormones in response to our stimulus.

It takes time for our hormones to get balanced out ... it takes sobriety, time, exercise, and positive thinking. It’s like a health pie and we need every piece. Yoga .. meditation ... these things are optional and nobody takes advantage. I do understand but .. we MUST control our thoughts and actions. Here if you need to talk I’ll be up tonight with this panic attack insomnia.

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Happy Birthday!!!

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Thank you!!!!

Could be a trigger you're unaware of, are you getting any psyc help?

I honestly have no clue what my triggers are... I went to the doctor and went on meds then went off because they were making my anxiety worse... I told my doctor.. and after that my anxiety went down it hasn’t been this severe for a long time... I have been under some stress from my boyfriend and all, but I don’t know why it bother me so much... because I always push it to the side and it doesn’t seem to be something to worry about..

I found that any of the 'selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors' (SSRI's) i.e. Sertraline, Prozac etc. doubled my anxiety, instead I am now on Lofepramine and while they're ok and all, they don't really cut the mustard. Years ago, I was taking Trimipramine but our medical body has asked that SSRI's are used instead. Trimipramine were great but largely because they made me sleep all night and half a day. I was on them for about 3 years. My GP said Trimipramine are dangerous (costly).

You could try asking your doc for a tricyclic antidepressant. I don't know a single person that has benefited from the SSRI's, but I don't know everyone :)

I found that Prozac made me feel sorta emotion less... and it gave me horrible nightmares and it was giving me sleep paralysis.... it was also worsening my anxiety, and causing my symptoms to worsen... it freaked me to the point where I decided I don’t want to use medication... I wanted to get better by myself.. and I thought I was... but I think I have a new trigger... tbh now when I think about it whenever I’m with my boyfriend I get anxious... we have had some breakups and our past wasn’t too good.. and I think the stress is causing me to be anxious... but I don’t know why I feel this way, I should be glad I’m spending all my quarantine time with him and be at ease...

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