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Anxiety and being out of breath

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Here I am in my car in the parking lot under the shade. Trying to catch my breath & my anxiety level is high this past to weeks. I had to stop working because of being out breath. I don't want to pass out in public. So slowly walked to my car. Im Feeling weak, stomach tight, triggered my anxiety, feel alittle panicky because I'm stuck here and 3 miles from home. This sucks.... calming myself down.

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Drink water, cool the car down as cold as possible and take deep breaths. sit a while and you should relax again.

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Thanks for the tip. I'm doing right now. I'll be in my car until I feel better.

Hey Marc, I'm sorry you are going through this scary time. This might sound silly what I am about to say. For me, I try to ask myself if I am in any danger. The answer is usually "no". I tell myself that it is normal for the body to react this way when it is in panic mode, but it will eventually pass. It's only a matter of time, panic attacks do not last forever. I self-talk through the panic and it goes away within a matter of minutes. For me, it is the scariest feeling in the world, but it does pass. I even pull out my phone and look at tips through the anxietycentre, and it calms me down. That's where I got the above information/advice. I really hope it passes soon and that you have a better night :)

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Marc787 in reply to Jane_Doe2018

Yes, Thanks

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I calmed down for about 20 min in my car, went back to work with 1 hour left the rest of my day. I Drove home. Right now im relaxing in the ac, now off to my part time job. Ugh.

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Jane_Doe2018 in reply to Marc787

Hey that's great- you overcame it! Hopefully your night will go smoother than earlier today.

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Marc787 in reply to Jane_Doe2018

Thank you, yes weedwack my yard, now watching Thursday night football. Will help cook dinner later. Do alittle workout later, walk around the block. Tomorrow is a new day.

Breathlessness is a common symptom of anxiety. I get it mildly from time to time. Important to see your doctor to check out your breathing for reassurance. But when the diagnosis is anxiety the diagnosis should be accepted.

Then accept the breathlessness for the time being, you're not going to pass out because you're not truly breathless, it's just a sensation caused by tired oversensitised nerves.

Accept it fearlessly and you will overcome it, continue to stress and obsess and the fear hormones produced will delay its departure.

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Ashm19 in reply to Jeff1943

the breathing thing was the main issue for me with anxiety, i literally had it all hit me at once, the dizziness, lightheadedness, weird breathing like i couldnt take in any air, nostrils closing up, panicking, everything. i just didn't know what was going on. went to the doctors got checked over (in a panick ofc) my BPM was like 140 so he checked me over, put the thing on my chest, said my chest was clear, checked my ears, throat etc all a that, pressed on my stomach n said mate, for me im going to say you're just suffering from anxiety, is there anything happening in ur life atm that may be causing this? I said well im a single father with a crazy ex girlfriend who stalks and harasses me, then i ontop of that i just found out last week my mum is going to die from cancer, uncurable. and theres just me, my mum n dad, no brothers or sister or immediately family close by. He was like Oh jesus mate well theres ur answer! its emotional and physcological. i was like Really? thats effecting my breathing, dizziness n everything else? surely enough my BPM dropped down to 107 from 140 in minutes after hearing that. so yeh. Anxiety is a fucker when it takes over and you let it!

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Jeff1943 in reply to Ashm19

Anxiety takes many forms but it is always still anxiety. I'm sorry to hear of the problems in your life. You will deal with them despite everything because that is the way: all troubles pass in time. Do you have a recovery plan?

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Ashm19 in reply to Jeff1943

tbh, ive always been good at suppressing things n pushing thoughts to the side n powering on through, but this was that bit too much n i think just going through my thoughts n addressing my realities is going to help me bit by bit. theres no suppressing this time round, my anxiety be telling me so. lol

Marc - I know this is after the fact but I understand the feeling but try to think of positive things in your life and be grateful. I try to do my deep breathing when this happens and look at pictures on my phone that make me happy. Sometimes that will help this terrible feeling pass and you can relax. Easier said then done but keep looking ahead that is what I tell myself in those situations.

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Marc787 in reply to laxma

Thanks for your tips.

sure- I struggle every morning so I know the pain-

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