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Health Anxiety

hey guys! I have been having panic attacks since I was 11. I am now 31. I have gone months without constant worry but for the last 2 months I was triggered by a bad reaction to a medication called Reglan where I felt like I couldnt breathe and my heart rate and Bloop pressure sky rocketed. I have always had low blood pressure so that wasn't normal. I have been to the ER and doctors too many times to count with multiple tests showing nothing abnormal. I have been having upper and lower right abdominal and back pain. The doc thinks its IBS. I feel like I'm losing my mind over here. I want to know how I can try and get over this health anxiety and be normal again. I have been on paxil for 11 years. I see a therapist. I feel like nothing is helping and I can only focus on my aches and pains. I didn't know if there was anyone out there that has a similar experience.

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You have uncontrolled anxiety. Whoever has prescribed the paxil is leaving you open to panic attacks. Why not ask that you be prescribed anti-anxiety medicine? It's either that or live with the panic attacks as part of your life. The IBS is beside the point. You may have that but it doesn't explain the panic attacks. If you go on a mild tranquilizer you will not have the breathing, high blood pressure and heart rate problems once your correct dose is reached. You will have the possibility of having some gaps in your short and long term memory many years down the road if you take them for all of those years. Then again you may not have that problem at all. And you may not need to take them all of the time. The ball's in your court now. What will you choose?


Hello, do you suffer abdominal pain after taking pills? what pills do you take for anxiety?


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