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Hey guys so I posted earlier but I have a question. I have severe social anxiety and I'm in college. With that said, most of my classes require participation and presentations. How are some ways that you guys who have had similar issues cope with social anxiety. I cannot go on medication anytime soon so is there anything else that would help me cope

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Frankly, when I was in college I would lose my voice when I got in front of the class to speak. I told my instructors exactly that and asked to be excused from speaking and I was excused. There was no point in putting me up there to speak. I didn't know I had GAD at the time and I had no medication.


Hey Struggl, For class presentations... go first if you can then you don't have to sit there and work yourself up. Start off telling them how nervous you are as in I'm so nervous I could spit cotton (you'll find a better one ) and then they will be on your side. Look up and just over their heads. If you look down all the time you'll look scared. Most of the people will be worrying about their own presentation and not really thinking of you. Know your subject, dress well and as informal as is permitted, have notes to refer to, don't say ah all the time.Try to look as if you're not trying too hard but come across as having done the work. Practice until you know it backwards and forwards. The more you speak to people singly or in groups the easier it gets. I hardly ever shut up now. Pam


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