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Hi all, here's a quick introduction to me. I've had struggles with anxiety and depression my entire life. I've also been diagnosed with PTSD since I was a teenager. I believe I have the complex form of it, which arises not from one single traumatic experience, but from several. I've also had 2, possibly 3 concussions, which does nothing to help my situation. I'm looking for support from both peers and professionals.

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  • Welcome! Are you currently under a doctor's care for these problems? If not, I highly recommend you see a good psychiatrist and a good counselor. Has anyone whose known you prior to the concussions noticed any changes in you since the concussions have occurred? They can cause all kinds of cognitive and functional problems and you yourself may not realize that you've changed. Hopefully no damage has been done, but if you ever suspect you have a problem that might have originated from a concussion are you aware that universities can have specific concussion departments for testing and treatment? Just a FYI. I hope you have a good and safe journey with your depression and anxiety.

  • I am currently under a doctors care, and I'm about to start seeing my former counselor soon. Thanks for your concern. As for the concussions, my first one may possibly have occured when I was a baby. Back in the olden days of 1979 or so, when carseats weren't a requirement, I was sitting in one of those seats that just kinda hung over the back of the front seat. I guess my mom had to stop the car quickly and my seat and I popped off of its resting place and I hit the dash mouth first. From what I'm told I wasn't seen by a doctor, but also didn't exhibit signs of a concussion. Though I doubt eating a dashboard as a baby can have a positive impact on ones mental development. The 2 that I'm positive of happened later on. The first of them was from a fall off of my bicycle while going rather fast down a hill. I was 10 or 11 years old. It was fairly serious. I could barely get out of bed to use the restroom for 3 days. On the fourth day I dragged myself to school, but was dismissed early because of the concussion. It was at that point that my dad took me to the hospital where I was diagnosed with a mild, or maybe moderate concussion, I forget which. The second concussion I got probably 10 years ago when a dementia patient punched me in the forehead at work. I didn't get seen by a doc eventhough we were at a hospital. I recognized the signs/symptoms from how I felt the day when my prior concussion was diagnosed. Any thoughts on university trials for people who are a few years out from their last concussion?

  • I found out from a patient of the University of South Florida's concussion dept. that up to 2 years after the concussion you can be helped. After that they consider it too late. But there is medication that helps the person think. That's the extent of what I was able to learn.

  • That's pretty much what I figured. Thanks.

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