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Travelling with meds?

Hi folks I am new here. Have been suffering from anxiety and some kind of depression my whole life.

Usually I am stuck home because I do not want to carry my meds around. They include Rivatril and Serotonin plus Tramadol (for fibro pain, but it also eases my depression). I would like to travel but I find it extremely difficult to figure out how much meds I need with me. I also need a permit to take CNS drugs with me in order not to get in trouble with the customs.

Anyone in the same awkward situation??? Travelling with these kind of meds?? Thanks a lot!


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I haven't traveled out of the country with meds but you can Google traveling with CNS meds and you will find a great site. I tried to post a link here but I'm having technical difficulties. From what I've read it sounds like you are okay as long as you have a prescription and it's only enough for your personal use for the time that you will be travelling.

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