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Coping strategies

Hi all

Been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for just under two years. I also have depression. What coping strategies do you all use? I can never control my panic attacks. I just have to ride them out, any pointers on calming myself out of one before it comes on?

Also currently very depressed. Family do not understand that this is out of my control and it has split up my partner and I. I'm distraught as he is the man I want to be with for the rest of my life, he's my best friend, but he also suffers with the same thing and the constant negativity from my parents has driven him away for his own sanity. I can't do anything today, and Im very frustrated. My work life is being severely affected. I'm on the waiting list for CBT but in the meantime I just need to get a hold on all of this mess going on in my brain.

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Hi Misty,

There are a lot of apps available now that help with meditation/mindfulness exercises that help calm you down if your are feeling panic. We have had our professionals review some and the list is here:

Some are free, some are not. But it seems to help until you can start CBT.


Hey one of the best ones which you may already know is deep belly breathing/ in for 7 out for 11. Stops the hyperventilation which causes physical symptoms (dizziness sweating etc).I also use distraction and grounding( counting things describing objects around me).

Also propanalol(beta blockers) inhibit some or the adrenaline rush which causes flight/fight reaction


Hi Pinksocks

Yes I agree, the belly breathing I read about in the book I mentioned above and whilst at first it seemed to make things worse for me as it focussed my thoughts on to the anxiety, after a few days it suddenely seemed to start working for me. I am currently on 80mg propranalol daily and this has reduced the intensity of my panic attacks for sure.

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Ha I know the feeling focus on anxiety and it gets worse.

I suppose then distraction techniques. Mine would be music/magazines/games on my phone. But its a personal /different experience for all of us so its what works for you :)

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Hi Misty

I have suffered exactly the same as you since I was 16 (now almost 50) so I can relate to what you are going through.

I am currently reading this book -

Rewire Your Anxious Brain: How to Use the Neuroscience of Fear to End Anxiety, Panic, and Worry by Katherine M Pittman and Elizabeth M Karle

I would wholeheartedly reccommend you read this and also anyone else who suffers from this horrible dibilitating illness. The book is very informative about how anxiety works, its many causes, and different coping strategies. I have read many such books over the years but this is by far the most helpful.

Obbiously it is not the magic cure we all long for but it has helped me reduce my anxiety response to a bearable level.

My partner is a fellow sufferer only she has a type of bipolar disorder and sometimes we go through bad times and this is the hardest for me but we seem to bounce off each other and somehow get through if that makes any sense?

Give the book a try, you can read a sample on amazon store or download a kindle sample.

Okay bye for now and have as good a day as you are able to.

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Hi, I suffer from health anxiety and I am having a bad setback.


Cheers for that I downloaded it but haven't read it yet. Sounds really good learning how your brain works and how it responds to stimulus etc


My partner and I also split up recently and we have been trying to figure out what to do from here. It's really difficult that it's my anxiety and depression that is driving him away and it's something that I am just now learning to deal with and the feeling of abandonment is overwhelming me.

Just recently, however, he started reading more about "how to be in a relationship with someone with anxiety" and he now is beginning to understand the reality of it and how to help me. You did say that he suffers from the same thing so maybe that wouldn't be as helpful but it make me feel validated at least.


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