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Botox and Bladder

In September 2010 I wrote saying that I was awitting botox into my bladder. I had the procedure on 2/12/10, 200ml, it didn't work. It takes around 2 to 3 weeks to work.

I stayed on 10mg Solifenacin daily and had urgency every 45mims.

On 20/6/11 I had another 200ml botox it worked better. I took 1x10mg Solofenacin alternate days and had around 1.45 to 2hrs before urgency took over. This lasted for around 6 weeks, then 1 tablet a day. By April this year I was back a 1hr rush to the toilet.

On 3/5/12 I had 300ml botox and what a difference in 1 week. I was sitting down one evening and realised that I hadn't been to the toilet for about 2.45 to 3hrs. If I'm using my legs around the house or out with family and friends then I need to go 2 to 2.5hrs.

I have been cutting down on tablets one on alternate days, took one on Saturday next one will be Tuesday and will take one on Friday as I will be that the Belfry on Saturday.

I will be happy if I could have 2 hrs for 2months without tablets.

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Sounds good Daphne hope it stays like that xx


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