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A.M. Cortisol

Does anyone else have high cortisol levels? I get tested for A.M. cortisol twice a year and it's always above normal. Also my ACTH is very high. I think there maybe a correlation there.

Also I was born with only 1 kidney (I found out about 10 years ago) I went to a kidney doctor and he said I only have one adreno gland.

What test are you all doing to check your cortisol levels?

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I often low all throughout the day.


Hi Deengo,

Did your dr priscribe you Hydrocostisone? ACTH gets high when your cortisone is low? (Addisons Disease!) I've been taking it since 2002, just replacing what's not being made! Did you have the short synacthen test? This shows what cortisol your body produces?

All the best



No I haven't been prescribed hydrocortisone. My ACTH is always high but so has my A.M. cortisol results. My cortisol levels have never been low.


So you don't have Addisons then! High cortisol can be caused by stress? What has your doctor said?


the doctor has said nothing about the High ACTH or high A.M. cortisol. Actually 2 endocrinologists. That's why I'm asking here. I don't have any answers. Maybe as long as I'm feeling ok I should just ignore it all haha


It must be slightly High? They know what they are doing? I hope!

All the best


I am not sure about the A.M. Cortisol test. I have had many tests over the years called a synacthen test; I had another one last month.

This is a description:

A blood sample will be taken and then the synacthen injected, at which point the time is recorded and further sample(s) taken according to the local protocol. Alternatively a needle or small polystyrene tube (a cannula) with a valve mechanism on the end is put into a vein in your arm. The end is taped to your arm and remains in place during the test. A baseline blood sample is taken through the cannula before the test. A solution containing synacthen is then injected into the vein. After 30 minutes a second sample of blood is taken. Cortisol is measured in the blood samples. labtestsonline.org.uk/tests...

The synacthen test seems to be the standard way of measuring adrenal sufficiency.

I am lucky - no adrenal problems.

I wish you all the best, deengo, with your adrenal and kidney issues.


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