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I was at my GP's yesterday to get some Lyrica. He's always full of ideas on what I should do. He doesn't have a clue about AMN though.

Anyway , he surprised me by suggesting that I might like to try marijuana. Imagine that? Me, smoke dope? What a quaint notion.

He then upped the ante by telling me he has "tried it".

What is the world coming to? Times change.

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Times change, indeed. It's been legal in Washington state for several years. I know several people with a variety of ailments who get real benefits from it. It was recommended to me by three of my doctors to try THC. I really didn't like it, as it made me extremely anxious and paranoid. I still plan to try a CBD-only tincture or oil in the near future (as it has no psychoactive effects). There is so much less of a stigma associated with this now. What's the legal status in the UK?

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In the UK, it is a "Class B" drug, Heroin and Cocaine are Class A, though, so is Cannabis oil.

Up to five years in prison for possession of a Class B drug. 14 years for dealing. Proper jail time, though, as you'd expect, laws are applied selectively based on your race/social standing/whether or not the police want you off the street or not.

I don't smoke it these days. Used to when I was a youth. Never had any problems with the law. "Practically legal", until you get caught, that is.

I’m in California so it’s legal. When it was first suggested I use it I was skeptical until there was an article in the New York Times about a study done for MS. They said it helped with every symptom, pain, spacticity, cramps etc. CBD products are huge sellers in our stores. It helps me and like any med if you start out slowly until you get your dosage right it can help. I cut my baclofen down by a quarter and it helps with symptoms baclofen doesn’t.

I'm in NYC and I'm trying out CBD oil since it can be shipped nationwide now. However, I believe it's still technically legal!

In any case, I don't know what dosage works. Some days I'm fine with a small dose in the morning. Some days I'm looking for it all day.

This is my pattern with 4-AP and baclofen: some days I walk well without back tightness and other days I can't find my balance and my back can't support me! On top of the medication, I workout 3 times a week and I commute with public transportation. Again, nothing works consistently.

In the end, I would not give up the medication or working out. On the fence about CBD oil, but I am curious about medical marijuana.

I say, try it!

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