Biotin clinical trial

Has this already been posted?

I'm doing my own, ongoing trial with Biotin.

And 4-AP.

And 4-AP-3-MEOH.

And Modafinil.

I'll recommend them all, and Lyrica for the spasms (if you enjoy being stoned).

Biotin is cheap and OTC. Worth a go.

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  • I wouldn't qualify for the trial even if they were still recruiting. I have another nerve disease besides ANN, HNPP. It disqualified me in another trial a few years ago because of having to demylenating diseases.

    So, time to buy some biotin. My neurologist won't prescribe monifidal I got denied again by her. I've tried Ampyra a few times and it helped me walk better for awhile and then my legs got super weak.

    It's all trial and error. Thanks for the info.

  • Did you try regular 4-AP as well deengo?

  • No, I always thought it was the same thing

  • Yeah same, but Ampyra is sustained release

  • Thanks for posting this information. It led me to a whole new world of clinical trial information. Nice to know somebody is working on something. I am in Canada and wish something was going on here. Nan17

  • Seems like a whole lot of nothing is going on.

    Multiple Sclerosis -

    Take a look at these treatments.

    Granted, a lot more people with MS, so a lot more raw cash being funneled into research.

    We are low down on any list.

    So far, the 3 medicines that help me the most:




    I learned about from the MS boards.

    And Biotin.

    Stay well, folks.

  • Can you tell me more about the beneficial effects you find with Modafinil?

  • Modafinil, I'm well into a two year love affair with it.

    I've posted before, I suffered a decade with fatigue, then spasticity.

    To say Modafinil wakes you up doesn't do it justice, completely eliminates my fatigue.

    Wipes out the mental fatigue, means I can live my life, and gives me the mental ability to concentrate on balancing/walking. Changes my spasticity. Hard to describe.

    Not that well used, even in the MS community. Expensive. I've plugged them more than enough.

    Note, I've been prescribed it by neurologists (after I demanded it), just cannot afford it.

  • Thank you for responding. I am in Canada. I will see if I can get it through my doctor.

    I recently found out I had really low iron. As it is going up through iron supplementation, my energy is better, however I can't do much more than one activity in a day.

  • I've tried every supplement under the sun.

    Just doing the dishes and my leg muscles are so tired.

    I'll post a list of every supplement I've done. A long list.

    Modafinil and 4-ap, with a side order of Lyrica.

    I'll give iron another try though. Can't hurt.

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