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MIN-102 clinical trial

Does anyone know anything about this clinical trial? Apparently it was originally set to begin in October, but hasn't even begun recruiting yet. I sent a message to the contact email tonight for more information about recruitment and when the trial is to begin. I'll let you know what I hear.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Which country


I forgot all about this drug. Hope the trial doesn't go the same way as every other AMN trial thus far.

A 96 week trial. Assuming it starts/finishes on time (unlikely), we are all looking at the best part of two years.

Still, the glass is half full.

Have a brain MRI on Monday, life goes on.

Merry Christmas, folks. No booze for me.

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Merry Christmas to you (sorry for the booze... there’s always chocolate?) and best of luck with the MRI.


Hope Monday goes well for you, merry Christmas and hope you can have a drink by Friday 🤣🤣


I asked my consultant about this last week. Apparently in London it is set to begin February/March 2018. For 2 years.


I am primarily interested in the US study, but of course the UK study is of interest to me, as well. Best of luck on your MRI, monkeybus! Please share the findings with us, if you are so inclined.


Thanks a lot, folks. I'll do my usual thing of posting up the images of my brainbox.

I hate having an MRI; strapped down; that mask bolted onto your face; trapped in that metal tube. Pure nightmare, though I have never pushed the panic button.

Never, ever open your eyes. that is my credo.

Talk to you all later, folks.

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