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I was recently diagnosed with AMN after a long search for the source of my neuropathy in my upper legs. I had the long chain fatty acid test b/c of a relative with AMN. My symptoms are, in order of severity, burning/aching in my legs, stiffness when getting my legs moving, bladder/bowel urgency. These symptoms began gradually a few years ago. However, I am 39 yrs old and still able to walk, golf, go hunting, and exercise (though I'm not as leg-strong as I used to be). I do feel lucky for this. I don't have the adrenal Addison's aspect of this (hooray). I do have psoriasis and Hashimoto's Disease.

I take Baclofen and Gabapentin. I take Methotrexate for the autoimmune conditions of psoriasis and Hashimoto's. I've read many posts on this community for the past week, and they're all very interesting. Does anyone have suggestions for my leg pain? Do many of you have symptoms like mine?

Happy New Year.

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Welcome! I am 53 with Addison's and was diagnosed with AMN in 1999 after my brother. I have burning neuropathy but only in my feet and take Gabapentin. It seems that this symptom is not as common for men as it is for women carriers. You may be interested in this post by another member who also has neuropathic pain:

Because this disease affects us all differently and is progressive, take what advice you might feel is best to help you at this particular time. However, the best advice I can offer is to stay active physically and maintain your flexibility by yoga, etc. Emphasize your weaker muscles - for me, it is the glutes, quads and hips - that will help aid in better walking.

Glad you're here and Happy New Year to you as well!




I have AMN. Be aware, "comparing symptoms" is dangerous, as they vary so widely.

Get to know a few people, find your way round. One site to know is < >.


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I think that everything you mentioned (burning/aching in legs, stiffness when getting legs moving, bladder/bowel urgency) is common with AMN. As you may suspect, given your age, your progression seems to be behind most (or at least it is far behind mine). For example, I have been in a wheelchair for 11 years. I also have all of the leg and bowel/bladder issues mentioned, though they have worsened over time. AMN is an ongoing struggle. It seems that every time that that I think that I have all issues under control, life throws me another curve ball. Good luck with everything.

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