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Pregabalin (Lyrica)

For my spasticity, I've taken them all, Baclofen, Gabapentin, Tizanidine, 4-AP, 4apmeop.

I tried some Lyrica this week. It got me completely stoned out of my head, but for my spasticity, it was quite good. It gave my legs an odd sort of strength, combined with relaxing my muscles just enough. Pretty stoned, though. Very pleasant 1hr train ride home from work.

I've posted before, how nothing "cures" the spasticity, but some things (like the above meds) "change" the spasticity. Lyrica changes it in a big way. Great, also, for the muscle spasms.

It also shares, along with Gabapentin and alcohol, the makes-the-next-day's-spasticity-much-worse attribute. You either have to re-dose, or grit your teeth and endure a day of stumbling about.

Not for everyday, not for me. I'll keep it in reserve for the bad muscle spasm nights ahead.

Anybody else here take Lyrica for spasticity?

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yes and the drunken stoned feeling goes after a while if taking every day. I take 150mg x 2 pd. for nerve pain. I have put on 7kg so I try and ween myself off but the pain and anxiety reminds me I need to keep on them. It doesn't take away all the pain but it certainly makes the day easier than without them. ☺


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