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Fibromyalgia - Newly diagnosed?

Fibromyalgia - want some information. Just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and really feeling confused? Had loads of symptoms and have chronic costocontrisis which can be linked to FM apparently. Recently had ovary cyst removed on ovary and bladder... i have hormone well as chronic pain with back pain, headaches and other things but i did believe they were related to hormones and ovary cyst.. i get brain fog..but always said that was to do with hormones..

I lost right ovary due to cyst in June 2013 so i have had a lot of surgery. I am 3 days post surgery of removal of more cyst.

So i am always suffering pain and feel like am unsure regarding how to now deal with this diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. However all the symptoms make sense i just feel so confused and who is best to talk to about this.

I was told mediation and hormone treatment would help but i can't due to hormone issues and i want to try for children. I also had loads of counselling type treatment in the past but its not in my head.

anyway guess am unsure what am trying to ask am just reaching out for help..... i am worried about this and things getting worse....basically since 2013 i have hit a wall and feel like life is a struggle. Pain, shattered and everything you name it...... any help would be greatly accepted. xx

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Hello Sarah2014,

I would like to say I am so sorry for the struggles you are experiencing at the moment. I gather from your posts the Fibro may have been brought on either by the surgery or the problems with the hormones maybe? Any stressor causing long term stress they believe can bring about symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

I would like to link you to FibroAction Expert Patient range of information about Knowing your Diagnosis as this may help. I have also listed llnks to charities with information about Fibro above, also you may like to look up NHS Choices &


Please forgive me if I'm wrong but it seems your Healthcare may not be addressing your current needs? Do you think your GP & Gynae are understanding of Fibro and trying to work together to address your needs. Also did a Rheumatologist diagnose you or your GP? Sorry to ask but you may find referring to a Rheumatologist or Pain Clinic might help address your symptoms.

I know it can be difficult but finding the right Healthcare professionals can be vital to your progress. As I said I don't want to overload you with too much information but this FibroAction A to Z may help too!

Please do keep in touch as we truly do know how it feels & understand the situation you are facing as many have been there too unfortunately.

Sending you best wishes

Emma :)


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A good doc to see for Fibro is either a rheumatologist or pain management. With Fibro each day is different. I am so sorry for all your going through fibro has made my life awful, put I just keep pushing, but not to hard , over doing it can cause you a flair up. They do have medications out there for fibro that a doctor can prescribe you. Either of the ones I meantion can do that. I have heard meditation can help but I am unable to even cross my legs due to back issues. But you can try it laying down I've heard. I wish you the best of luck . Gentle hugs to you!


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