What is this horrendous fibromyalgia

So fed up of this pain. It's unbelievably mind blowing at times it's frustrating and just reduces me to tears. Feel like I've been categorised to a unsure what to do with you pile... So here's a load of pain killing medication and just deal with it... sorry if I'm venting but came from the hospital appiontment 2 days ago sat in my car and cried what the hell is this horrendous fibromyalgia and where the hell has it come from? I'm reading up online and there's some medical belief it's psychological not neurological. Im trying to learn.

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  • Hello, I feel your pain and frustration..Fibromyalgia usually develops from some kind of stress or trauma to the body...mine developed a after 10 years of little sleep caring for my disabled son. Please don't despair as there are things you can do to elevate the pain. Look at diet change for a start..there are things we eat that cause inflammation....im on a low carb high fat diet and I feel great on it but it takes effort and a lifestyle change. I also exercise 3 times a week . I am 99 % pain free , the only time I may have a flare up is if I am stressed. Fibromyalga..does not have to rule anyone's...life. Please look into how you can help yourself rather than focusing on how deliberating it can be. Hope you manage to find some relief. All the best and happy Christmas xx

  • Sorry was meant to say eliminate the pain! Not elevate It! Lol

  • Hi Fibrokatienomore

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  • So sorry to hear you are in pain. I was diagnosed with osreoarthritis with fibro elements a couple of years ago, brought on I believe by my dad's sudden death. As katiefibronomore I have made dietry changes which help to some extent, I am wheat and cow's milk free and I try and avoid processed food, buying only fresh fruit and vegetables. It has taken a while to get used to but together with exercise it has helped allieviate the pain. The only drugs I use is volterol and paracetomol.

    Good luck and I hope you find a way of alleviating your pain.

  • Hi to you both and thank you for replying to my complete rant. I'm sure you both understand I was going though one of the really bad waves. I came across this website after reading everything I could in a desperate attempt to find help.

    I really appreciate your replies.

  • Welcome to the AFMCG Community Blackvault ! :)

    Unfortunately many people diagnosed with Fibromyalgia experience stigma on at least one occasion maybe more due to some healthcare professionals who are reluctancy to believe or understand the condition. There is mounting research to point towards it actually being Neurological, here's a few studies which may be of interest to you, links below;

    fMRI Can Help Diagnose Fibromyalgia


    Hyperreactive Brain Network May Be Cause of Chronic Pain in Fibromyalgia, Study Suggests


    Oscillations in Specific Brain Waves May Be Related to Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Study Finds


    Unfortunately, it takes time before these studies have any impact in the UK but I think with more research it will show a physical cause for this horrible illness we live with 24/7. It seems it is difficult for healthy people to understand what it is like for us and as you say this can be so frustrating :X

    What medications the medics have prescribed you? It might be that the combination is not right for you and you may need to consider discussing a medication review with your GP.

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