Fibromyalgia question

First my Ana came back positive an my regular dr said I had lupus now I seen a rheumatologist an he said he checked my blood and my Ana is negative so he says I don't have lupus I have fibromyalgia! When I looked up lupus I had all the systems and only a few of fibromyalgia! My dr said fibromyalgia and lupus have the same systems except fibromyalgia don't bother your inside! Has anyone else had anything like this happen to them? Does fibromyalgia hurt this bad? My dr said all I could do for the pain is Tylenol is that true? He also said I wouldn't hurt as much if I lost weight! So am I just going to have to live with the pain if so why even say anything when I'm hurting if there is nothing anyone can do!?

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  • If your doctor said losing weight would help with the pain is it not worth trying ? Its something you can do for yourself.

  • Can weigh loss be achieved with fibromyalgia? He wants me to loose 75 or more pounds? Could my dr be wrong an I have fibromyalgia and lupus or does fibromyalgia hurt this bad? He told my the only difference between fibromyalgia and lupus was fibromyalgia don't mess with your organs?but I have constant kidney, pelvic, bladder infection he said that has nothing's to do with what's wrong with me!?!

  • I would guess that weight loss can be achieved with every condition. What do you feel about your weight ?

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