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Fibromyalgia pain and how it affects me

I have been living with fibromyalgia since 2003 it has been a struggle. because none of my friends have understood how much it affects me.Not only do I have cms I also have diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis

Everyday I fight with pain and fatigue I miss being well and being able to complete anything I used to be able to clean my house really good in fact I worked as a housekeeper for a living then I would come home and clean my own house.Now I can do very little and I have to push myself to do it I am extremely tired all day and something on my body is always hurting.I have a hard time getting anything done it is so aggrevating.I have yet to find one person who understands what I go through I know people with fms would understand but I don't know anyone who has it which is why I am writing this to you all.I hope I hear from you you all take care

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Hi there.

I feel your pain. Ive suffered with chronic pain for nearly 20yrs.But recently there isn't a part off my body that doesn't hurt . 😒My gp is amazing the drugs we've tried over the yrs is endless. My gp has recently diagnosed me with fibromyalga but also some of my symptoms flag up in chronic fatigue syndrome /me. Wish makes sense as I'm so tired all time it's such an effort to do anything as I know I'm going to be in mega pain, I'm guessing u feel the same that u just have to push yourself. Many of my friends don't understand how much it affects one in particular, just thinks that my painwill disappear if I take more meds. My drugs I take are quite alot and strong also, I think she thinks take a few and pain will go (I wish it was that easy). Feel free if you want to chat. Take care DebbsπŸ˜ƒ


First of all I understand how difficult it is to keep explaining your pain know one except my sisters know what its like I'm blessed to have them I have tried lots of different meds but I am still having difficulty taking care of myself I have fibro psoriatic arthritis and diabetes it has taken a toll on my life lots of missed time with my family and the guilt that goes along with all of that I have missed so much two days ago I felt like I was going to die so I called my rheumatologist and it seemed to help until I decided to clean I did too much again now I'm paying the price so I can't cook tonight will have a sandwich


No that is very true, I've known people who have said this and have behaved differently because of the fatigue and always thought 'well they should just gee themselves up a bit.' Not in words but in the back of my mind. Now instead of always on the go I feel it like a blanket pressing down, every little thing is a massive effort. Until it's experienced maybe no one can understand sadly.

Tell my wife it is like having the flu, that is the closest example I can relate to from before this started, kind of similar, not totally the same but a little bit.

Take care.


I understand your frustration and that is the word. The biggest thing for me is I get so frustrated by everyone's lack of understanding, that I wear myself out and it is a vicious circle. I too have FB, Diabetes and Rhematoid Arthritis and have gone from being a manager and worked for the same company for over 17 years to being a recluse who nags my husband and son and people tune out as I 'bore them' trying to explain why no, I can't do it and it's not because I am lazy and it's not something I can just take a pill for and think positive.

I have realised that the more I try to do things or if I get angry, my pain is ten times worse and it makes even more waste of the time than if I sit on the sofa resting.

I get so mad at my GPs attitude of dealing with me like a petulant child that needs placating by writing me 'another' prescription that I have had to grovel for. I asked if she would refer me to a local clinic who I knew by recommendation that they specialise in FB but she said she hadn't heard of them and let's leave that till next time. That was four months ago.

I guess what I'm trying to say is the one thing you can be sure of is we all know what you are going through on here and although you don't always want to dwell on what's wrong, it must be nice to talk to someone where they know your pain and don't ask stupid questions, you can just compare notes and maybe help each other.

It is my dream for the medical profession and friends and family to be sent on a training course for Fibromyalgia before they can comment on what they 'think' is wrong or what you should be doing.

Keep strong in your mind, be kind to yourself and if something makes you feel ok for a while, keep doing it, that's my advice.

If you have a friend show them this website and if they are bothered they will make the effort. There is a little sketch about a girl with FB somewhere to show your family and friends what you go through.

Take care xxxx

P.s. I think what I have just wrote is the advice I should take too as I am good at helping other people but don't do it myself.


I have the same and know how you feel. I'm also trying to find a way to ease the pain. I've tried medicines natural remedies etc but it's not been helping. I feel it's gotton worse.


Yeah I know what you mean my pain has been horrible the only thing I can think of maybe a weather change I hope you start feeling better hang in there and pray


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