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COVID Vaccination

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Hello you lovely people. Both my husband and I are due our covid vacs on Friday. Several people have told me they were quite unwell after this one. Just wondered if anyone here had problems. I do like to be prepared. The previous three I’ve had were not too bad. Look forward to any replies.

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Will be very interested to hear as well ! I'm 2 weeks post annual flu jab and have been really ill. GP has prescribed antibiotics today in case they will help. Have to admit I'm feeling rather reluctant to have any more jabs at all , covid or otherwise!

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FancyPants54 in reply to Jalia

Wait at least 2 weeks after the antibiotics before having the next one. I just screwed up and had my Covid booster too close to finishing antibiotics for a chest infection and I have been feeling rubbish for a week. I then found the advice to leave 2 weeks. Bit late for me!

I'm having my flu on Friday. I've never had a reaction to a vaccination of any sort before. It didn't mess with my AF though. I just felt horrible and very fatigued.

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Jalia in reply to FancyPants54

No chance of me having any more vaccines for some time !🙄

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Alan1947 in reply to Jalia

We had Moderna. No problem at all.

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Florence-Nightingale in reply to Jalia

Thank you Julia I never take the flu jab, had it once have never been so sick, have never forgotten it. My brother had the flu one for the first time ever last year he’s a big strapping farmer never had a day off it completely knocked him off his feet for 3 weeks. Perhaps it’s in our genes,

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Jalia in reply to Florence-Nightingale

I've had a bad reaction several times but this is the last straw! Never again. Glad I'm not the only one...!

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Sizzlerman in reply to Jalia

had the vaccine just over three weeks ago, and after two weeks contacted covid and still have it. Had Pfizer before including booster but this one was Moderna. Don't know whether taking the vaccine caused this, not very likely but it is the first time I have had covid.

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Lilypocket in reply to Florence-Nightingale

This happened to my mum who is 93. A couple of years back she was badgered into having. the 'flu vaccination which she has always resisted. She was very ill after - which lasted for 3 weeks. Mum has no pathologies (and all her own teeth lol). I think some people have a very "highly strung" immune system that goes to war instead of breaking up a street fight!

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jeanjeannie50 in reply to Florence-Nightingale

I wonder if diet has any effect on our reaction to jabs/chemicals. I was brought up on a farm and my dad grew all our vegetables and at times provided meat. Mum cooked all our meals from scratch and the milk we used was raw unpasteurised. I've always tried my best to eat healthily and totally avoid processed foods and any containing preservatives/artificial additives. I just wonder if what we eat can make some people more sensitive to chemicals injected into the body.

Anyone else have any ideas why some of us suffer when having vaccines and others don't?


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needlestone in reply to jeanjeannie50

My allergist believes I have MCAS as I cannot do most regular medications, but do well when meds are compounded. Jabs and I don’t work either. I believe flu jabs were part of my getting fibromyalgia. I no longer get flu jabs and have been in remission from that for years. I also went gluten free for my heart issues, that may have also helped. I’m allergic to some foods have to be careful with meds or anything injected. I had a recent allergic reaction to Hyaluronic filler injected in my cheeks. They used a different brand than previous and am now taking Amitriptyline for those side effects. MCAS makes sense in my case. Mast cells are overreacting.

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Auriculaire in reply to needlestone

You could try supplementing with Quercetin. I was getting hives every winter for no apparent reason. I started taking a low dose of Quercetin and they stopped! I stopped getting flu jabs after 2011. I had had one every year from 2000. In 2010 they put the strain for the H1N1 swine flu into the seasonal vaccine for the first time. I was ill all that winter and looking back I think I might have had a mild case of myocarditis. In 2011 I again had a flu jab as I hadn't made any connection the first time. Again off form all winter and this time caught a bad bug end of Feb. Then I found out that that year the vaccine effectiveness was negative by mid Feb. Never had one since and never will again. I have not had any respiratory ailment since 2016. I think flu jabs are a scam . Even in the best years they are only about 60% effective and that is for young people. There are other ways of supporting the immune system .

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needlestone in reply to Auriculaire

What's funny is, I have tried Quercetin, maybe the wrong brand or dose, but could not tolerate side effects from it. There are some supplements I have trouble with and that is one of them. Can't explain it. I take many supplements that don't bother me though.

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Peacefulneedshelp in reply to jeanjeannie50

I have an idea why some of us don’t process out chemicals. It has to do with the pathways in our liver. I had a DNA test done several years ago which showed I don’t have the pathways needed to quickly filter out the chemicals. It takes us a longer time to do so. As they build up rather than filter out it makes us sick. Its at that point our nervous system gets triggered and bam! Right on the FDA website it says that the vaccines causes Myocarditis. So why in the world is everyone playing Russian Roullet with these vaccines? If one has had the disease one does not need the vaccine. yes, strains mutate however the human immune system is fairly clever in recognizing similar strains.

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needlestone in reply to Peacefulneedshelp

I would love to know what that test was. I know my liver is involved also but bloodwork on liver has not shown anything specific. I did have my gallbladder removed in 2015 and feel that sensitivities have gotten worse. I do drink detox teas and have some liver drops I use regularly but still have many reactions to meds and different things.

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Peacefulneedshelp in reply to needlestone

it was from a company called GeneWize they made vitamins specially for the issue that showed up on the DNA test. I did their vitamins for awhile but I stopped because I am with another vitamin company and I learned what I needed and used their vitamins instead. I needed a lot of Milk thistle.

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needlestone in reply to Peacefulneedshelp

I have taken 1000 mg of milk thistle and have for many years. I will have to look into Genewize. What amount of MT do you take?

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marcyh in reply to jeanjeannie50

I finally read recently why that is and it makes sense. The batches vary. In Canada three doctors died in one hospital within three days after their boosters.

jeanjeannie50 profile image
jeanjeannie50 in reply to marcyh

Are you able to direct us to the report on these 3 doctors dying Marcy?

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Murf67 in reply to marcyh

yes Marcy, I really think you need to back .that up with hard evidence.

marcyh profile image
marcyh in reply to Murf67

Reports like this require digging. Not wanting to offend, but we can't afford to lose doctors.

3 Doctors Die at Same Hospital Days Apart

It gets worse. Now it's up to 80 young doctors since the vaccine rollout.

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Murf67 in reply to marcyh

Thanks very much for your prompt reply. You've given me much to ponder, it's all a bit concerning.

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marcyh in reply to Murf67

I agree, it is concerning. Thank you for pressing the issue. Our health is at stake.

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jeanjeannie50 in reply to marcyh

Thank you for this info marcyh. I've only just seen it.


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Timetraveler67 in reply to marcyh

thank you for posting this unbelievable thanks again

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ChasMartin in reply to marcyh

So due to reading into another link someone else posted earlier, I was looking around other posts on here and saw this. So I picked a random doctor from your second link and did some research on it. I found his obituary

and also found this:

The first thing that struck me is that the article states the following:

"Though the Buyting family did not publicly indicate Buyting’s cause of death, it is speculated that the clot shot is the likely culprit."

Further down it lists 7 doctors that died in 2 weeks as the following:

• Dr. Paul Hannam, July 16 – cardiac arrest while running

• Dr. Lorne Segall, July 17 – lung cancer

• Dr. Stephen McKenzie, July 18 – serious illness

• Dr. Jakub Sawicki, July 19 – rare gastric cancer

• Dr. Shariar Jalali Mazlouman, July 23 – cardiac arrest while swimming

• Ryan Mackenzie Buyting, July 26 – unknown

• Dr. Candace Nayman, July 28 – cardiac arrest while swimming

Saying they all died from the Covid vaccines (in the headline as well as in the article).

Another one on here I quickly searched is Lorne Segall, his obituary states he died "after a ridiculously unfair and hard fought year-long battle with advanced lung cancer.


So here is my question for you. Often I see people talking about how deaths are wrongly attributed to Covid-19. How is this not deaths that could very easily wrongly be attributed to the Covid vaccines?

This is the first time I have cared to actually look into the information people post in these discussions, and I must say, I am quite taken aback that people do not recognize how misleading this information is.

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marcyh in reply to ChasMartin

If you read it carefully, the wording is "since the rollout." I will not respond again in this thread but you may PM me if you want to chat further.

ChasMartin profile image
ChasMartin in reply to marcyh

I don't see how that matters.

I asked Often I see people talking about how deaths are wrongly attributed to Covid-19. How is this not deaths that could very easily wrongly be attributed to the Covid vaccines?

If you won't bother actually responding to my question, which was the purpose of my post, why would I bother at this point.

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Eric404 in reply to ChasMartin

"Natural News" is a far-right, anti-vaccination conspiracy theory and fake news website known for promoting alternative medicine, pseudoscience, disinformation, and far-right extremism. The website began publishing articles in 2008 and is based in the United States.Wikipedia

6,000,000 people have died from Covid. Stop spreading fake web-sites.

ChasMartin profile image
ChasMartin in reply to Eric404

Did you not read the rest of my post? I’m refuting the nonsense these people keep stating about the vaccines killing doctors, I posted the page to show how ridiculous these sites making these claims are. Marcy listed a site about Canadian doctors dying from the Covid vaccine that contained these same doctors but it was an 80+ list in pdf form. For expedience to make my point about how ridiculous these claims are I pointed out an article where they state that the family said it wasn’t the vaccine but they (the article writers) are still going to claim it was, and also listed a man who clearly died of cancer. I’m sure I could find more discrepancies if I cared to.

Learn to read before you speak. What is with people on here who don’t know how to read a post in full.

I find it interesting that you chose to target my refuting post but not Marcy’s clear touting of similar websites as fact.

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Elli86 in reply to Eric404

I’m not a covid denier or anti vaxxer but you’ve got to word that correctly. 6 million people have died with covid worldwide. Who knows what percentage of those were actually due to covid. Even at 6 million that’s still 0.001 of the population. Quite a tiny number. Obviously real and obviously terrible for the family’s involved but we do need to get a bit of perspective.

ChasMartin profile image
ChasMartin in reply to Elli86

And the point of my post is that people are now going around clearly wrongly attributing deaths to the Covid vaccine in the same manner that people keep claiming was done with Covid deaths.

How ridiculous, that people are so ready to point fingers but can’t see what they’re doing themselves.

Elli86 profile image
Elli86 in reply to ChasMartin

I was responding to Eric.

I’ll be honest I have no idea what you originally posted. I haven’t attributed any deaths to the vaccine but yes I’m sure it can go both ways.

All I’ve said in the past is I’ve had 2 vaccines and wouldn’t have anymore 😆 yet I get lumped in with what some call “anti vaxxers” by the idiots who haven’t got the intelligence to read someone’s profile and haven’t got the intellect to deal with a nuanced and diverse society so have to put everyone into 2 camps to make it easier for their brain to cope with 😆

None of this directed at you by the way, I’m just having a rant 🤣

ChasMartin profile image
ChasMartin in reply to Elli86

I know, I’m just reiterating my point as well. For Eric, since clearly they did not actually read my post if they thought I posted bs natural news because I like it.

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exmouth in reply to Jalia

Both myself and my husband had the Pfizer vaccine, not problems,had our flu jag the week after and we were both fine .

Alan1947 profile image
Alan1947 in reply to exmouth

Same here ! Not even a sore arm with the flu one.

resqme1065 profile image
resqme1065 in reply to Jalia

My husband was sick with chills and sweating for 2 days. He slept most of the entire days and nights. Felt better day 3 but still slept much of the day. Didn't mess with afib. I am debating whether to get or not. I do have an autoimmune disease and need to decide

wilsond profile image

we were fine and had flu jab at same time. Xx

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pusillanimous in reply to wilsond

Different health ministries certainly have different protocols. My vac , regimen this year, here in South Africa went. January, (we have this every two years if over a certain age or have certain chronic conditions) Pneumococcal, Told to wait six weeks for Covid booster (3rd Pfizer). Told to wait two weeks for 'flu after Covid which worked out well as it fell just before winter. No side effects from any of them (also had a tetanus vac in between Covid and 'flu because I tripped and cut my knee!), Now making up my mind whether to have the Shingles one - its expensive here - any advice on that and AFib?

wilsond profile image
wilsond in reply to pusillanimous

I had it with no problems. I did mention AF and it was ok. My husband got shingles and it was awful he said. I think I would have it if I were you.

He caught Covid even though vaccinated ,now 5 days in and still rough. So woukd have bern very poorly without it I believe.

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Murf67 in reply to wilsond

I contracted Shingles after the first Covid jab. I also had a variant of Shingles after second jab. Three of my friends contracted Shingles, I wonder just how common this is?

I had the Shingles jab five years ago.

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irene75359 in reply to pusillanimous

My husband and I had the shingles jab about 10 days ago. My mother-in-law had shingles and was left with extensive post-herpetic neuralgia which lasted for the rest of her life. She really suffered and unfortunately the vaccination wasn't widely offered then.

I was fine but the following day I was absolutely exhausted. It lasted one day only, no other side effects. I would have it, without a doubt.

Valentina98 profile image

I had mine 2 weeks ago and I was fine. Maybe a little tired and a sore arm but nothing major.

sassy59 profile image

I was fine after flu jab and covid booster. Hubby had slight reaction after booster.

Paulbounce profile image

Hi Florence.

I was fine with my last covid jab (pfizer) - not even a sore arm. We are all different but I had no problems at all.


jeanjeannie50 profile image

After having the pneumonia, covid and flu jabs last year. I had all three of those things this year. Sorry but I've lost faith in them.

Florence-Nightingale profile image
Florence-Nightingale in reply to jeanjeannie50

Gosh Jean not surprised you’ve lost faith in them.

Ronnieboy profile image
Ronnieboy in reply to jeanjeannie50

I don't blame you.Ive had covid several times and the jab reaction is far worst than the illness in my case.

Jalia profile image
Jalia in reply to jeanjeannie50

I don't blame you Jean. I had Covid in May which lasted a very long time and now this flu so in no rush to get any more jabs......

JOY2THEWORLD49 profile image


Be positive because the anti-viral med is not helpful for AF s.

I have had 4 since July.

Take a banana, drink water before and after and you will fly through.

On the 3rd apparently the nurse put it into a nerve and it reactivated surfacely. A huge red inflammed and itchy spot. I showed chemist who spoke to Dr who prescribed the antibiotic Doxicycline.

Also putting my Flixonast drops onto the itchy skin helped until antibiotics jumped in. They contacted me after 4th to see if I had another bad reaction. No I said thank you for asking!

Thinking of you!

cheri. jOY. 73. (NZ)

javo123j profile image

had mine on 3rd October and had no side

BobD profile image

I had mine 3rd October but sadly must already have caught covid as tested positive on 5th. (all family had it) Having flu jab on Saturday so wondering if I will go down with flu next week as well. lol 😁

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baba in reply to BobD

Might be advisable not to have any vaccination so soon after having Covid. Discuss with your doctors.

Florence-Nightingale profile image
Florence-Nightingale in reply to BobD

oh dear what bad luck Bob. Hope you are fully recovered before having the flu jab.

CDreamer profile image
CDreamer in reply to BobD

Agree with Baba - I would postpone. I am meeting so many people now who are reacting badly, not just ill for a day or two but for months after having vaccines. Having been, as you know Bob, a strong supporter - I am now very much more hesitant.

Jalia profile image
Jalia in reply to CDreamer

Same as me CD. The chances of me getting my Covid booster are,at this moment, nil. I will never get annual flu jab again.

dedeottie profile image

fine with both. Caught covid around 4 days after booster. Not enough time for it to be effective. Don’t want covid again in a hurry. X

jondeanp profile image
jondeanp in reply to dedeottie

Read that again “caught covid around 4 days after booster”

Nothing to do with the vaccine then🤔

People, you need to join the dots

carneuny profile image

Mrs CarnEuny and I had CoVid jab and Flu jab together and we attended surgery both at the same time, both together in the same room. She first me second ........... sorted. No problems.

Nannysue1 profile image
Nannysue1 in reply to carneuny

Me and my hubby too.

reinaway profile image
reinaway in reply to carneuny

And me and my Hubby!😀

Alan1947 profile image
Alan1947 in reply to reinaway

also my wife and I. Better grammar !

reinaway profile image
reinaway in reply to Alan1947

Was being flippant 😜

hanne6263 profile image

I had both together, one in each arm, on 1st October. No problems, just a slightly sore arm on the Covid side. No effect on AF.

secondtry profile image

The more I read about the covid vacs the more concerned I get.

CDreamer profile image
CDreamer in reply to secondtry

Not just read - meeting people with very bad, long term reactions which seem to be on a par with long COVID. Having said that, most seem to have reacted badly to the first jab so if you survived that one Ok, seems to me as though you will survive the boosters - as long as you don’t have them too close together.

secondtry profile image
secondtry in reply to CDreamer

Its the effect some are predicting on the next two generations younger than us that worries me the most.

CDreamer profile image
CDreamer in reply to secondtry

To be honest I have stopped following the discussions. I think damage to the future generations was also done by lockdown - so many babies and younger children who haven’t developed both physically and psychologically because of lack of socialising. It all very sad.

irene75359 profile image
irene75359 in reply to CDreamer

I agree - and older children too. My eight-year-old grandson developed anger issues when he went back to school and his teacher told my daughter a lot of children have problems. My six-year-old grandson who is exceptionally bright has nightmares about pandemics.

Frances123 profile image

Had flu and 4th vaccine 3 weeks apart. Was absolutely fine. Was feeling a tad cautious before vaccine as this was going to be Modena. Had had 2 Astra and 1 Pfizer before. As I said , I was absolutely fine.

dawny1908 profile image

i was ok no probs with the first 3 jabs. But this dual one made me feel bit grotty. I felt sick, tired, just generally felt rubbish. But after a few days the side effects disappeared. Was the only one I have had side effects from x

nikonBlue profile image

EEEK!! a bit scary reading all these comments as I too am due my vaccine and flu jabs tomorrow. I get them both on the same arm as after breast cancer I can't have any needles or blood pressure done on my left arm.

I'm a total basket case with needles anyway so I know I will be tomorrow morning! I already feel the churning of terror in my tummy now as I sit here typing. Silly I know especially after all the cancer treatments, you'd think I'd take it all in my stride eh? But no.......I'm reading all these comments of reactions and feeling ill after the vaccine and my terror is now almost out of control.....more EEEEK!!!

Oh, and just for good measure while I'm climbing the walls over those damn needles, tomorrow afternoon I go to hospital for my 7 years post diagnosis mammogram.. As if sticking needles in me isn't enough, they're giving me that 'squishing' too!!! Oh heaven help me!! :-(

Stay well everyone

Blue x

CDreamer profile image
CDreamer in reply to nikonBlue

Sounds as though you have a lot to go EEK about. Wishing you well. I do think it’s a difficult position because living with cancer I guess you have anxiety anyway.

If you didn’t react to the first, then you are much less likely to have a reaction to booster.

NIKKIWOOD profile image
NIKKIWOOD in reply to nikonBlue

My wife is also a breast cancer survivor, and we went to the doctors office 2 weeks ago and got both the flu shot and the Moderna booster at the same. She had both shots in her good arm, and I had one in each arm. Both of us are doing just fine.....................

Frances123 profile image
Frances123 in reply to nikonBlue

Oh the squishing. Pancakes come to mind! I had my 5 year post diagnosis “squish” a couple of weeks ago. I told the sonographer to ignore any gorilla noises I might make (ooo ooo ooo) and just carry on. Hope it was all good news for you. xxx

nikonBlue profile image
nikonBlue in reply to Frances123

Hello all,

Well I survived it all yesterday as I knew I would but Lordy was I anxious. At the vaccine the nurse said "would you like me to distract you while the other nurse does the jag?" as if I wouldn't know eh?? It's never as bad I expect it to be and feel such a numpty getting into a state about needles. Apart from my arm being a wee bit sore, so far I'm A-ok! My other appointment was pretty sore during the squish thing but I held my breath and got through that too....GO ME!!! 🤗. Now the hard bit with that, the waiting for results, but I'm used to this bit and I just get on with things and try not to allow the worry to rule me....not a chance!!! Fingers crossed the sore arm is all I get from the vaccine.

stay well all,

Blue :-)

Lulukik profile image
Lulukik in reply to nikonBlue

Wow Blue, I read that as though I had written it... ! I also had the same B cancer treatment (with sentinel lymph node removal in left arm) so I can only be 'jabbed' in right arm. I also just recently had a mammogram (thankfully clear). My husband and I got our 4th COVID vaccines last Friday. My husband didn't have any probs. I reacted with flu-type symptoms every time with the last 3 vaccines. This time was the worst! Feverish with bad headache for 48 hours, plus severe pins and needles in my right hand and fingers (arm that was jabbed). 3rd day started to feel better, but still 'washed out', and the tingling in my fingers took a total of 4 days to go! Keep well. xx

nikonBlue profile image
nikonBlue in reply to Lulukik

Aww, I hope you're ok now and I see how lucky I've been with no after effects at all....well, other than the sore arm for a couple of days and on the side I sleep!! I also hope you're keeping well with the BC stuff. No results ...yet from my 7 year mammogram so hoping they say no news is good news!

stay well

Blue :-)

Lulukik profile image
Lulukik in reply to nikonBlue

Yes, usually I've waited no more than 2 weeks for the result. This time, though, it was six weeks before the results came. Sign of the times I suppose. All well with me with BC thanks. A lot of changes to the shape of my breast over the years (since my lumpectomy in 2009) and sometimes a lot of stabbing pains. Also a lot of hard areas of - I'm told - scar tissue build up, which comes and goes. I've learned to live it. The pain and hardness both disappear when I concentrate on a healthy diet and in eating certain foods. Glad you had no adverse effects to the jab. :-) xx

nikonBlue profile image
nikonBlue in reply to Lulukik

Hello again,

Good to hear you're keeping well with the BC side of things. I'm actually waiting for an ablation procedure for the AF though that may be quite a time away with everything going on in the NHS. It's tough at times dealing with it all but I'm too stubborn to just lay down and give in and I'm keeping very busy. I'm a Patient Advocate for breast Cancer Now and about to help out at the hospital in Edinburgh by being an information desk 'helper' for them too. I also am very involved in a local charity and do all their posters and stuff as I love designing. So,there we are all fine (wish) and keeping going eh?

Oh, and neither up nor down after the dreaded needles!! :-)

Stay well and take care

Blue :-) x

Nannysue1 profile image

Im in permanent AF and had both my flu and covid vaccines on the same day, one in each arm, my husband had both of his in the same arm.

Other than a slightly achy arm where the flu one went in I had absolutely no reaction. Husband had an achy arm too but nothing else.

Lovetheoutdoors profile image

i had covid booster and flu jab 2 weeks ago. One in my arm and one in my thigh as previously had breast cancer so never have jabs or bloods taken from my left arm. I was fine afterwards. 🙂

Omniscient1 profile image

Last Friday. Typical injection pain - felt like a bad bruise in my arm, then by Saturday mid morning I felt like a cold was coming on, not the wet part, just feeling in the dumps. Not really wanting to watch TV, or read a book, etc. Sunday - fine.

Shepheart profile image

After doing my own risk vs benefit research I’ve decided none of these vaccines for me. Seems to be still in the experimental stage. Plenty of bad reactions. Does not stop infection or spread. I can certainly see that much of the promotion is about profits for big corporations and investors. I give a thumbs down.

Dippy22 profile image
Dippy22 in reply to Shepheart

I know a young couple who recently caught covid. She had been fully vaccinated, he on the other hand hadn’t had any. Both had the exactly the same symptoms and both had exactly the same recovery rate and were over it in around 4-5 days. The covid we have now isn’t nearly so severe as back in 2020 when it first started. I’ve decided I’m not going to have another booster either. It doesn’t prevent you from catching it anyway.

I’ll take the flu vac because my grandmother died from flu related pneumonia, but I’ll give another covid shot a miss and take my chances. I take loads of Vit D and Magnesium, etc., which naturally boosts my immune system.

When I had covid back in March I shrugged it off effortlessly but it markedly exacerbated my AFib.

Patasquith profile image
Patasquith in reply to Dippy22

I am replying to your Vitamin D comment, I too thought large doses would be good and took 4000 daily. During a recent consultation I was asked to take a blood to test to determine the levels in my blood. The normal is between 50 to 100 and mine was 168. Was advised to stop in July and have now been advised to begin 1000 daily again. Thought it might be useful to know.

Auriculaire profile image
Auriculaire in reply to Patasquith

The upper limit here in France is 250 nmol/l. Are you giving your test results in nmol/ l or ng/mL ? This matters a lot ! If the UK upper limit really is only 100nmol/ l then it is out of step with other countries. 168nmol/l is about 67.5 ng/mL .

dragon51 profile image
dragon51 in reply to Shepheart

Hi Shepheart in the early days of the vax being "invented" followed by very small trial that was not representative of a global population for which the vaccine was targeted, I could not find any significant research data relating to risk vs benefit data outside of promotional info provided by the vaccine producers. I loath adverts on TV and over time the vaccine campaign and promotion of the jab via mainstream media felt like one massive advertisement. Quickly realized people all over the globe were the potential trial subjects and I choose not to be one of them, an outsider on my own. Another warning sign was that governments had to sign a disclaimer stating no legal action could be taken against pharma companies if any adverse reactions etc should occur due to the vax (briefly mentioned on BBC news). If it was so safe why were they covering there own backs? That done it for me didnt really need to search for more risk vs benefit information. If i die from covid so be it. Don,t think i will though: caught delta variant Dec 2020, no medical intervention and survived at home alone. Got the added benefit of natural immunity. Strange thing is all my friends who are fully jabbed keep getting sick with covid {omnicrom variant}. I go amongst them but i dont catch covid. Mmmm! This is just my story, my choice not to have jab. we are all individuals in our own right and we make choices based on what we as free thinking individuals decide is best for us.

Dippy22 profile image
Dippy22 in reply to dragon51

I too read all that directly after getting the first vaccination and was very disappointed to say the least. They rolled it out worldwide without full testing “in the interests of the greater good”! The fact that I shrugged Covid off relatively easily I put down to taking a regular a Vit D supplement and have also started incorporating a zinc supplement, both of which have been found to be helpful in boosting the natural immune system. They’ve actually started treating long covid cases with Vit D and zinc supplements, as patients were found to have lower quantities in their bodies then people who didn’t get really sick.

hausjac profile image

Had my 5th booster the Moderna Spikevax on 1/10 absolutely fine but got Covid 2 weeks later on board ship but it was gone in a week amazingly enough probably because of the booster. Had flu jab on 8/10 and no reaction either. Am I just lucky?!

Elli86 profile image
Elli86 in reply to hausjac

Hi hausjac.

You had the jab and still got covid but you attribute the fact that it only lasted a week to the jab? Why? I’m just curious. Would you now have another even though it clearly didn’t stop you getting covid?

Lupaal profile image
Lupaal in reply to Elli86

The jab helps reduce the severity. Had covid before the jabs were available and a few weeks after had my first bout of afib, now on medication and firmly believe covid caused my problems.

Elli86 profile image
Elli86 in reply to Lupaal

sorry to hear that but correlation does not always indicate causation. Although it’s highly probable covid didn’t help with your onset of af I would say you were already highly susceptible to it.

Was that your first ever bout of af?

It doesn’t reduce the effect of covid at least in my experience. You’ve had covid more than once then and the second time after the jab was easier than the first?

Lupaal profile image
Lupaal in reply to Elli86

It was my first afib attack. No I haven't had covid again, the jabs seem to work for me as have been in close contact with people who have come out in it but haven't caught it from them.

Elli86 profile image
Elli86 in reply to Lupaal

so you’ve only had covid once?

Lupaal profile image
Lupaal in reply to Elli86

Yes,before the jabs were available.

Elli86 profile image
Elli86 in reply to Lupaal

I would say your natural immunity would have played a bigger role personally as auriculaire says.

Auriculaire profile image
Auriculaire in reply to Lupaal

It is more likely that your natural immunity from having a more virulent form of covid ( either the Wuhan original strain or the Alpha variant depending on when you caught it) is what is protecting you. Studies done in Israel in mid 2021 showed that natural inmmunity was more protective than the vaccinations especially in duration.

Lupaal profile image
Lupaal in reply to Auriculaire

Dont think so as younger people who had it the sane time as us but weren't eligible for jabs all caught it again. I'm sticking with the jabs, haven't done me any harm.

hausjac profile image
hausjac in reply to Elli86

The vaccine doesn't promise to prevent Covid although it may in some but what it is supposed to do and certainly did in my case, was to prevent the virus from hospitalising sufferers. I came down with it - like a nasty cold - in fact if I hadn't been travelling wouldn't have bothered checking for Covid, and it acted just like a nasty cold the worst being over after 2-3 days like a normal cold. The following Saturday I tested negative and the day after as well so I would say that is a result.

Elli86 profile image
Elli86 in reply to hausjac

it’s almost impossible to say if the fact you weren’t hospitalised was due to the vaccine or if you wouldn’t have been hospitalised regardless. Good that you didn’t get too sick but who knows how you would have been without.

Laduquesa profile image


Had my Covid jab on 8th and after feeling increasingly unwell was in A/E four days later with BP 197/127, now on BP meds for life and increased beta blocker. Been advised not to have any more jabs! But obviously this is very unusual

Timetraveler67 profile image
Timetraveler67 in reply to Laduquesa

the exact same thing happened to my friend, just saying to let you know that it’s not just you.

Blondie12345 profile image

had pfizer x2 first one my blood pressure dropped low and felt off within the 15 min wait

Marsland profile image

I had the flu and Covid jabs at the same time. I was absolutely fine.

LadyLawson profile image

we both (age 67) had our flu and covid vaccines on Monday. No side effects so far.

Leechg profile image

Hi, I had the flu jab three weeks ago and was fine. Covid jab last Sunday, by evening I was shaking with cold, had headache and both eyes ached. Monday morning the shivers had gone but could hardly walk up the stairs, no energy. Tuesday much better. The covid jabs have all done that process for me. Hope yours goes well.

Becksagogo profile image

i had my 4th Covid vaccination about 2 weeks ago. Nothing to report. Slightly so re arm for a day or so but that was it. No symptoms.

I was anxious about having it but the nurse soon put me at ease and now I'm glad I had it done.

I had my flu jab last week and nothing from that one either!

Steve112 profile image

Been having my annual Flu jab for more than 20 years and never had any reaction whatsoever.. this year I had hot and cold sweats for about 48hrs and felt generally unwell..Paracetamol and plenty of fluids seemed to work..back to normal now and feeling fine..

oscarfox49 profile image

I am 76 and with permanent AF. All I can say is that I have had my fourth Covid vaccination and no real problems with any of them, in fact, less reaction of any kind with the last couple. You don't want even a mild bout of Covid so get vaccinated.

Elli86 profile image
Elli86 in reply to oscarfox49

Hi Oscar.

Have you had covid yourself?

oscarfox49 profile image
oscarfox49 in reply to Elli86

Almost certainly, as we have had people staying in our household and visitors who have tested positive. But we have been very fortunate in the vaccine protecting us, or symptoms so mild that we barely noticed them. Nothing is without risk, but the risk of not getting vaccinated is far greater than the risk of getting Covid when you have no protection.

Elli86 profile image
Elli86 in reply to oscarfox49

I’m not so sure about that any more to be honest. But getting a mild case of covid as you may have had yourself in your own admission, isn’t really a big deal to be honest. But then I’m a reasonably healthy young man so it may be different for the more elderly among us. Although I can honestly say I don’t know anyone in my immediate life that’s had past the 3rd jab. Young or old and they all seem to be doing fine although everyone seems to be picking up colds/bugs a lot this year. Whether or not that’s covid or a lack of a strong immune system due to the lock downs is anybodys guess.

oscarfox49 profile image
oscarfox49 in reply to Elli86

In my personal experience I know one middle aged woman in the UK, who has had severe 'long Covid' symptoms which she blames on the vaccine. But nobody else we know has had anything more than aching arms and flu like symptoms for a few days. Certainly the mortality data showed those over 50 and 60 showing the greatest likelihood to die or suffer severe illness from Covid, but that is because the older you are the more likely you are to have other co-morbidities and weakened immune systems. I must admit I would always now advise people to have vaccination, but being a typical hypocrite, for some reason I am currently refusing to have the flu vaccine one as 'I don't trust it!' (A prejudice that goes back before Covid!) We are all inconsistent! 🦊

dragon51 profile image
dragon51 in reply to oscarfox49

I was 70, with pre-existing heart conditions...enlarged heart, blocked artery, hypertension, afib and hypothyroidism. Was not on any heart meds neither. Caught covid, delta variant, Dec 2020. I live on my own, had no medical intervention at all and survived. The up side of this I now have natural immunity...yippee

Elli86 profile image
Elli86 in reply to oscarfox49

I wouldn’t say I don’t trust anything to be honest. I wouldn’t have another vaccine but not because I don’t trust what’s in it or there’s some sort of conspiracy. Purely because I don’t see it as necessary at all. If I could go back I wouldn’t have had any. Waste of time in my opinion and the pharma companies are just milking the last bit of money they can from it in my opinion.

Dippy22 profile image
Dippy22 in reply to oscarfox49

I’m afraid the vaccine won’t prevent you from getting infected; it’s supposed to prevent severe symptoms.

I was fully vaccinated when I caught covid back in March. 😟

oscarfox49 profile image
oscarfox49 in reply to Dippy22

I agree but the worst effects of vaccination according to all the evidence are not likely to be as bad as Covid without it. Particularly in those of us with AF and blood conditions, the tendency of Covid to promote blood clots is one the greatest dangers. Unless there is a proven allergy to the vaccine I still think people are very ill advised to avoid it, especially if they have health impaired by AF and other heart conditions.

Auriculaire profile image
Auriculaire in reply to oscarfox49

The vaccines also can promote blood clots . Some autopsies done on people who have died unexpectedly shortly after vaccination have shown widespread clotting. The problem is the spike protein of the original Wuhan strain which is what the mRNA and viral vector vaccines provoke the body to make. Last year some virologists created a pseudovirus that had the spike protein but an empty "shell" so none of the other components of the SARS COV 2 virus. They injected it into lab animals and found that it caused disease. Another problem is the amount of spike protein our bodies are making after vaccination. Nobody knows for sure how long the production of spike protein goes on for in individuals . But when Pfizer were seeking their authorisation from the EMA they were asked this question . They said possibly 60 days in some individuals. This is a lot longer than what people were told . Since then spike protein has been found in some individuals 15 months after vaccination. Given the short intervals between boosters especially those who are now on their 4th or 5th this could result in almost continuous spike production for some people over the period of injections. I do not think that now with the less virulent Omicron strains circulating ( with much mutated spike proteins) that it is a good idea to keep injecting mRNA that makes the body produce the original Wuhan strain.

oscarfox49 profile image
oscarfox49 in reply to Auriculaire

While that may be true, it also statistically true that such clots occurred in 4 or 5 persons per million after vaccination with certain vaccines, but occurred in typically 39 people in a million who were infected with Covid. That is a risk factor seven times higher if you do get infected.

Auriculaire profile image
Auriculaire in reply to oscarfox49

I was not referring to this rare form of clotting but to clots in general including those causing ischaemic strokes and heart attacks. Also this research was published early last year so was in the context of the original Wuhan strain and the Alpha variant not Omicron. If it is the spike protein of the original Wuhan strain both in the disease and the vaccinations that is provoking these types of problems why continue to inject it with the vaccines now that this strain has disappeared ? Why not have vaccines with only the Omicron variants as antigen?

oscarfox49 profile image
oscarfox49 in reply to Auriculaire

You would have to question the worldwide researchers on that. Unless you believe there is a worldwide conspiracy to hide vital information from people, and that researchers are developing vaccines just for profits (many companies did it at very little cost) then we must ask why they have not come to the same conclusions. Personally I am happy to leave it to the experts, even though I accept that medicine has made plenty of mistakes in the past. But overall, the way the medical community saved millions from premature deaths and disease is remarkable; it was the political interference and ill informed comments that did far, far more harm, and the unwillingness to provide vaccines in developing countries. For that matter the political decision in China that they could adopt a policy of harshly imposed isolation was also a fundamental mistake.

Auriculaire profile image
Auriculaire in reply to oscarfox49

Astra Zeneca provided their vaccine at cost. It is not being used in developed countries any more. The vaccines that are predominant are Pfizer and Moderna that have made massive profits. Pfizer have recently increased their prices again. Not only that ,both these vaccines were developed with massive injections of public money. The Pfizer jab was actually developed by BioN tech a German company that received lots of money from the German government ie taxpayers money. Same with Moderna. Moderna had never brought a product to market before covid, was practically bankrupt and got a big injection of cash from the NIH - again taxpayer's money. As for researchers there are hundreds of research papers on preprint that are showing problems with the vaccines. They are not getting published in peer review journals because of the stranglehold the pharmaceutical companies have on these journals mainly through advertising money. This corruption of medical publishing was pointed out long before covid by former editors of both the BMJ and the NEJM. It has got worse with examples of studies that have passed peer review and been published suddenly being retracted for no good reason and without the consent of the study authors. I sincerely hope that your trust in what you call the experts does not cause you harm. Having been harmed myself in the past I am more sceptical about these things. I have had one Janssen jab that I deeply regret and will not be having any more.

dragon51 profile image
dragon51 in reply to Auriculaire

totally agree with you Auriculaire

Elli86 profile image
Elli86 in reply to oscarfox49

to be honest there’s so many people that didn’t have it and as far as I’m aware they didn’t die in droves. I know at least 20 people directly that didn’t bother and they’re all still here. Most of them having contracted covid and been no worse off than anyone else. I just think it was an overreaction personally. Humans are not infallible.

Jalia profile image
Jalia in reply to Elli86

A friend of mine, an anti vaxxer, caught covid from me ( fully vaccinated ) but I was more badly affected and for a lengthier time.....

Elli86 profile image
Elli86 in reply to Jalia

anecdotal obviously but interesting none the less. Also interesting you labelled them an anti vaxxer 😆😆

Suesouth profile image

had Covid and flu vaccines 4 & 5 weeks ago, no reaction, but did need cardioversion 2 weeks ago, coincidence, not sure what to think!

HANDY1 profile image

I had both flu shot and 2nd Covid booster shot (4th shot) on the same day 1 week ago. No issues at all.

dave152248 profile image

I had both Flu and Covid jabs at the same time with no reaction, all good for me

Wswsh01 profile image

Hi Florance,

Just had the new Covid jab that covers both strains and my Flu jab on Sunday .

Didn't have any reaction to them feeling fine.

Sally_Scott profile image

hi Florence. I’ve had 4 jabs and 3 bouts of Covid! Go figure that one!

I had my 4th about 6/8 weeks ago. My last bout of covid was beginning of May.

I had 3 previous Pfizer jabs and the last was Maderna. For me I was soooo I’ll on the last jab. Worse than any of the 3 bouts of covid! The weather here was warm 22/23. After my jab I was freezing. I had winter pjs, winter dressing gown on, and put central heating on at 30! I was still cold. I was freezing. I had a really bad fever for 48 hours. I was so I’ll that I am seriously thinking about not having the 5th jab. It’s not like it has stopped me getting covid!


Lupaal profile image

Had mine last week, didn't have any after effects at all apart from a slightly stiff arm the next day.

Staffsgirl profile image

We are in mid seventies, both of us with underlying health conditions, and had no symptoms at all.

husband fine, I felt a bit unwell for a day or two. Friends experienced similarly mixed. Good luck!

riverside22 profile image

No reaction here, had the covid and flu jab 3 days apart.

Cumbremar5 profile image

yes I did have a bad effect this time

CDreamer profile image

Very difficult decision. I think it depends upon your own circumstances and what you are most afraid of.

I had COVID with pneumonia exactly 12 months ago after 3 shots, I was very ill but survived. I am not sure I would have done without having had the shots.

I had 3rd shot about 8 weeks following COVID on doctor’s advice and had a small reaction, off colour for 24 hours or so. Then had 4th - Moderna - all the others had been Pfitzer - and was nearly as ill after booster than with the disease! That was February 2022. I felt as though my immune system had just been overwhelmed completely so I refused the next offered shot shot and decided to wait 6 months between shots.

Had my 5th shot about 3 weeks ago after MUCH deliberation and apart from 24 hours of flue like symptoms have been fine.

Your reaction seems to be very individual so it came down for me of - I’m more scared of having full blown COVID again than of being ill for a few days.

The choice of having the flu jab at the same time wasn’t an option so no decision to make there, but I certainly wouldn’t have both together - but then again I have a very compromised immune system.

pottypete1 profile image

Had both vaccinations with absolutely no problems at all.


Tellingfibs profile image

Well there are a mixture of responses here aren’t there ! I notice one theme going through and that is that people who have had Covid AND the vaccine seem to feel the vaccine should have prevented the Covid infection and therefore the vaccination either doesn’t work or ( for some people ) it is considered a bit of a con. My understanding is that the vaccination is supposed to reduce the risk of very severe Covid and death. Since a lot of people who feel tgd vaccination hasn’t worked are here to comment, I would say it has probably prevented death in their situation. I have just recovered ( quickly ) from Covid although my last booster was a year ago. I have to wait for this booster now. Goodness knows how I would have been if I had not been vaccinated. As for flu; this years flu is a particularly virulent strain I hear so perhaps the vaccination has to be capable of defeating it and is therefore a bit unpleasant for some people…… perhaps when I have had my vaccinations, I will be back on this forum singinging a different tune !🤔

marcyh profile image
marcyh in reply to Tellingfibs

Actually, the vaccine was supposed to provide immunity and prevent transmission. It did neither. Now the "experts" admit it didn't measure up to the claims. And now we have to keep taking boosters? Who's making the millions?

Sandyc2705 profile image

I was reluctant to have mine last week as two out of three of mine had put me into AF but I was fine with this one

A sore arm for nearly a week and a temperature for a few hours on the second day but apart from feeling a little more tired for a few days all was well

Fullofheart profile image

this one was the best one for me. No ill effects at all.

ditto to flujab!

Mrsd_uk profile image

Didn't feel either going in 👍

no reaction to Flu, a slight sore arm and felt tired and cold for one evening after Pfizer jab but otherwise all fine.

Made no difference to BP or fluttering- (shame it didn't fix it either !)

baba profile image

I had flulike symptoms, aches and pains for two day after Moderna COVID booster. I was perfectly ok on third day.

I previously had no reaction to AstraZenica x2 and Pfizer booster, or more recent flu vaccine.

spinningjenny profile image

I was knocked flat for 24hrs but my husband only had a sore arm. We both had the jab on the same day, from the same batch. I believe it’s the one that contains Moderna which causes the problem. Either way, I prefer one day curled up on the sofa than actually gettCovid.

Ppiman profile image

I had read the same online but both of us had our flu and covid jabs combined a few weeks ago along with two friends and we've since heard from several others. Well, sore arms apart, it's been a non-event for us all, thankfully. With covid all around this area, and a friend's wife sadly very poorly indeed with long covid, I am relieved to be jabbed, I can tell you.

I think it's hard to judge anything online except using official data and peer reviewed studies these days. Mind you, my brother and his friend use even these to try to convince me that the end of the world as I know it is nigh, so even the truth can be manipulated to suit a conspiracy mindset!


Autumn_Leaves profile image
Autumn_Leaves in reply to Ppiman

Oh yeah, the world ended years ago. Didn’t you know that? 🤣

Yes, it’s like trying to untangle spaghetti sorting out the science from the pseudoscience and sadly there are people who perhaps haven’t had adequate education in certain subjects who can’t differentiate between good and bad quality studies, or have poor health literacy skills and poor media literacy as well. And none of these skills are second nature to anyone, we need to learn these skills. It takes a degree of commitment to decipher through the noise and a lot of brain bandwidth to negotiate all the misinformation out there. I won’t mention the so-called Pfizer bombshell other than to say “what bombshell?” 😂

Anyway, I had the Moderna bivalent, husband had the Pfizer bivalent Still don’t have a 5G signal on my phone. I’m not magnetic. I can’t microwave my dinner without actually putting it in the microwave. Everything is all very normal here. Not much drama going on. I think I need a conspiracy theory and then I can have arguments with people on the internet… but wait… I’ve had the vaccine…. oh well, might as well do the ironing or something 😜

Ppiman profile image
Ppiman in reply to Autumn_Leaves

A rare reply and one to savour. Thank you for writing it.


Ducky2003 profile image

Hi. I had the Moderna last Friday and was up 2am Saturday morning shivering and shaking, even when then wrapped in my dressing gown and 2 duvets. Felt like a bag of poo until about Sunday afternoon/evening. Thankfully, AF didn't rear its head this time.

Previous 3 were Astra Zenica and Pfizer but this was the worst reaction.

Hubby had a really sore arm from the off but had had no reaction whatsoever to previous ones.

If they come at me with the Moderna again, they'll be shoving that needle somewhere else.😁.

Autumn_Leaves profile image
Autumn_Leaves in reply to Ducky2003

I had similar with Pfizer booster, same with Moderna bivalent, maybe slightly less intense with Moderna. Pfizer was quite a reaction so prepared for the same again. A day in bed both times. Husband had similar with first AZ, had to come home from work next day and go to bed, but nothing at all with any of the vaccines after that. As for next year, I’d take the Pfizer or the Moderna. The flu reaction doesn’t put me off. Chances are you’ve made a very good response and you’ll have very high antibodies. Let’s hope so. I’m somewhat reassured that my immune system knows how to fight back. Older people are reported to have fewer side effects but a less robust immune response, but who knows?

Ducky2003 profile image
Ducky2003 in reply to Autumn_Leaves

One of my patients said "it's only your immune system doing what it's supposed to". Let's hope.😁.

DKBX profile image

had all five (Moderna) and flu jab. Sore arm for a couple of days … and not a single sniffle or cough!

TonyB1972 profile image

Have the news not reached everyone? They simply do NOT work, the big pharma's have admitted themselves, why people are still following mainstream media narrative is beyond me. Lots of unreported vaccine injuries too, I know some personally and worst of all it's mostly heart related which is what this group is all about. But not for me to advice.

Thomas45 profile image
Thomas45 in reply to TonyB1972

They work as the flu jab works in lessening the effects of a fatal disease. We all should do everything we can to avoid those who have Covid, and the unvaccinated.

TonyB1972 profile image
TonyB1972 in reply to Thomas45

Thomas45 perhaps this might help with your misconception. You won't see this on MSM

15,113 Covid deaths

13,666 were vaccinated (90.5%)

1,447 were unvaccinated (9.5%)

70% of population in England are vaccinated

Thomas45 profile image
Thomas45 in reply to TonyB1972

I am not entering into an argument. I have my opinion; you have yours. By the way Anti-coagulants do not thin the blood, so it is inaccurate and misleading to use the term "blood thinners". (In respect of one of your earlier posts)

TonyB1972 profile image
TonyB1972 in reply to Thomas45

Agreed on opinions. But you saying that the unvaccinated can spread the virus is also inaccurate & misleading, even Pfizer has admitted it and even if they didn't you can now clearly see it after two years. Switch your TV off and go do your homework on the national statistics as Tomred suggested. Happy reading!

Thomas45 profile image
Thomas45 in reply to TonyB1972

What is it you don't understand? This is a discussion about the effects of the 5th Covid injection, not about your views on the efficacy of that injection. As for you comments about "switching off my TV, etc.", I do not have a TV. As a retired Chartered Librarian I always do research. At the moment I'm working on a display for my local library on the men, and 1 woman from the village I live in, who died from War service. Please no more interruptions.

TonyB1972 profile image
TonyB1972 in reply to Thomas45

Good luck with the display Thomas45

Tomred profile image
Tomred in reply to TonyB1972

hi Tony , also if people look up the office of national statistics it should help to make their minds up, people need to come out of this stupor they are in .

Tomred profile image
Tomred in reply to Thomas45

WOW , avoid the people with covid and the unvaccinated, how sad is this when most people i know are vaccinated and had covid , who should be avoiding who , really, come on.

emv54 profile image
emv54 in reply to Thomas45

Just as a matter of interest, how do you think avoiding the unvaccinated might specifically benefit you, given we know not a single one of the vaccines prevents transmission and infection?

Thomas45 profile image
Thomas45 in reply to emv54

See my reply to TonyB1972 above.

dragon51 profile image
dragon51 in reply to Thomas45

Thomas when it comes to the unvaccinated i suggest you to do some research. The vast majority of people who are catching covid are the vaccinated because there auto immune system is depleted due to spike proteins in the vaccine. As for avoiding people who have covid, have to say I walk among them and I don,t catch it because i have natural immunity and not had jab. Peace be with you.

Thomas45 profile image
Thomas45 in reply to dragon51

I refer you to the reply I gave to TonyB1972 or thereabouts. I don't need anyone to tell me hat I should do.

Auriculaire profile image
Auriculaire in reply to Thomas45

That's just silly prejudice. The unvaccinated are no more likely to infect you than the vaccinated are.

Thomas45 profile image
Thomas45 in reply to Auriculaire

I refer you to the reply I gave to TonyB1972 .

Sue1955 profile image

hi had ours couple of weeks ago and no problems at all. So good luck it’s worth it to hopefully to avoid covid.

Thomas45 profile image
Thomas45 in reply to Sue1955

I refer you to the reply I gave to TonyB1972.

joolzj profile image

Hi Jalia,

Good luck with the jab. We're all different - I had the double Covid in one arm and flu in the other a week ago. Absolutely no side effects whatsoever. Felt totally fine and wouldn't have known I'd had any injections at all. Hope you're the same. I've never had after effects so maybe people can guess how they're going to be from how they reacted the first time? The more you read threads in this group, the more you realise just how varied all our responses are to different treatments and just how much are triggers for AF differ too.

Thomas45 profile image

No problem at all.

Grayjay profile image

I had my 6th Covid jab ( Moderna) and flue jab together. The only effects were a sore arm for a few days and slightly "fluey". Nothing to worry about. But!!! After sheilding for so long I caught Covid from my wife a week after my 5th jab so that was worse than a few sniffles.Don't worry.

Lakky12 profile image

I had flu jab and Covid booster the day before yesterday. The lady said ‘you might feel a bit fluey’. Well that was an understatement. A few hours later I felt like I’d been run over by a bus and chucked in a freezing lake. Couldn’t face any food or drink. This lasted most of yesterday but feel fine this morning. Not sure I’d have both jabs at the same time again, but I haven’t heard of anyone else having the side effects I had. It seems to be very hit and miss whether you get any - fingers crossed you won’t!

Autumn_Leaves profile image
Autumn_Leaves in reply to Lakky12

I’ve had full on flu-like symptoms for Pfizer and Moderna boosters, but this is just the immune system response so it’s a “normal” reaction to what the body perceives as an infection. Chances are that if you were to take an antibody test a few weeks afterwards, your level of antibodies would be a very robust high. Just see it as your immune system kicking *ss. As it should.

Lakky12 profile image
Lakky12 in reply to Autumn_Leaves

hope so - it really knocked me for six! Feel absolutely fine now. 👍🏻

lucillear profile image

I had mine last Saturday. I was fine apart from a sore arm. I had the flu jab 5 days before the covid jab no issues with that

Maura5 profile image

I had my 4th Covid Jab a week ago, I was fine for about 12 - 15 hours afterwards and thought I had got away without feeling any side effects, sadly not! I experienced awful headaches, shivers, sweating and just feeling generally unwell for about 2 days. I have had a similar reaction to the first 3 so it didn’t come as a surprise but I must say I felt worse after this last one. As for my heart, it behaved almost perfectly! For info, my first two vaccines were Astra zenica and the last two were Pfizer. Good luck.

pinkshell profile image

Had mine three weeks ago - absolutely no after effects nor for flu which was last week.

Ablation627 profile image

This booster was the easiest for me, no reaction at all. My doc advised I wait two weeks between any kind of vaccinations, so getting flu this week and signing up for pneumonia and shingles jans over the next month. I would echo the observation others here have made, that if the COVID shot was worse than the COVID for you, that is proof that the vaccination worked as promised.

MarthaJ profile image

I had my Covid booster a few weeks ago now and absolutely no problems at all. Most of the people I know who’ve had it have also been fine. Good luck.

Clematis58 profile image


Had both my Covid ( Pfizer ) & Flu jabs on the same day ( 2 weeks ago). Apart from a sore arm from the Covid jab I had no side effects at all.

Take care

Tomred profile image

this experimental jab does not stop you from catching covid or transmitting covid, and to say that if you do catch covid it wont be as bad, just doesnt stand up .

KentAndrew profile image

I have every Flu and Covid vaccination offered and never had a reaction.

We are all individuals and react differently.

Lizzo profile image

I had no reactions after my first 3 Covid jabs (Pfizer). However, I had my latest booster (Moderna)about 3 weeks ago, and was very ill for a day. Stomach cramps and throwing up, plus shivering from head to foot. It was horrible, but only lasted for a day. 3 weeks later, I have now got Covid... probably caught on a cruise. I feel a bit rough, but it could have been much more dangerous without the Covid vaccines.

Tapanac profile image

we have always had Pfizer and no problems, but I understand moderna is the one that is being offered the most. My GP said she had heard a few things about moderna and I had to go to hospital on Tuesday as contracted covid a couple of weeks ago as have a covid induced chest snd ling infection. I told the doctor there about people getting side effects from moderna and even he said try snd get the pfizer as he believed they have a booster now too

Good luck

Autumn_Leaves profile image
Autumn_Leaves in reply to Tapanac

Yes, my husband had the Pfizer bivalent on Sunday It is available.

Tapanac profile image
Tapanac in reply to Autumn_Leaves

Thank you.

As soon as our 28 days from last negative covid test has elapsed we will start searching for the pfizer. It seems only moderna is available in our area as most of our friends (no pre existing medical conditions - except old age) have had moderna


Autumn_Leaves profile image
Autumn_Leaves in reply to Tapanac

I had the Moderna bivalent two weeks ago and I had the same reaction as I did to last years Pfizer booster, maybe 75-80% less intense. I don’t particularly care about the systemic symptoms that are “flu-like” because that is a definite immune response, which is the point of having it.

You might be able to wait a bit later and still have the benefit of natural immunity for a bit longer by which time there may be more of the Pfizer in stock. You could also ring round the various pharmacies in your area to ask what vaccines they are offering and see if any of them have the Pfizer bivalent. You can have your vaccine anywhere in England if you live in England so you could in theory go out of your area. Don’t know if that applies for Scotland and NI though. My husband had his Pfizer at the vaccination centre in our local hospital.

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Thank you.

I’ve certainly been really ill with covid and now back in bed with covid induced lung/chest infection after having to go to hospital so wary about another booster now or later as this lot upset my afib which went into tachycardia and now very low bradycardia

Best wishes

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Oh no, that’s not a good situation. I read recently that Covid infection can give you about 3-4 months of immunity and you can get the advantage of being protected by delaying the vaccine for that length of time. So you probably don’t need it until early next year. You don’t want to set off any kind of arrhythmia either, and especially when you’re feeling poorly. Get well soon.

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thank you x

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Best to be aware that the pharmaceutical being delivered as this autumn's Covid booster has only ever been tested on mice — there have been no trials involving humans. It is therefore difficult to predict how it will affect individuals or to measure how much protection against illness it offers.

Always, always a personal choice but personally I'd do a bit of due dil before committing, especially as we already know it doesn't stop transmission or infection.

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And the Pfizer bivalent being used in UK is a combination of the original and the BA.1 variant, whereas in USA the bivalent Pfizer used includes the original plus the later omicron BA.4/BA.5 variants. Why the difference? Apparently USA health officials rejected the version sold by Pfizer to UK. Makes you wonder, and worse.

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I have read that it is the latest bivalent which includes BA4/5 which had been only tested on mice before it was rolled out though maybe by now they have tested it on humans. The bivalent available in the UK that has BA1 has been tested on humans , but only for reactogenicity - ie how many antibodies it provokes. Problem was it did not do much better than the original Wuhan strain jab when tested against BA4/5 so the FDA wanted a bivalent that targeted those variants. This had to be a rush job hence the mice who did show reasonable antibody levels. I'd bet good money that within 2/3 months - bang in the middle of winter- these will have fallen to tock bottom levels for all these jabs and there will be talk of yet another booster to stave off yet another wave of infection.

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Hi-I had a rotten headache for the firth three, but with the bi-valent Moderna-I only had a feeling of warmth the next day and feel fine. I have since come into very close & prolonged contact with a patient who had covid and I never got it. Have it.

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Several people at my husband’s work had Covid earlier this year and one of them was coming in to work despite being symptomatic. Until she was asked to take a LFT and was sent home. But my husband didn’t catch it. My neighbour died in the first wave and that remains the biggest influence on my decision to have the vaccine.

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I hope she was sacked, how irresponsible of her.

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No, she wasn’t sacked but she did say “I thought it was Monkeypox” 😱

I agree it was totally irresponsible because the woman she sat next to all day caught Covid from her and she was approaching retirement and apparently had health problems, including cardiac but I don’t know the details. She was vaccinated and had “mild” symptoms and returned to work the following week. If this had been before vaccines she could have landed in hospital or worse, underlying conditions and all that. Even before the vaccines one of my husband’s workmates had Covid and he developed breathing problems and after a couple of weeks had a secondary infection in his lungs, and that’s a fit healthy man who works out etc. Its incredible how complacent and blasé people have become.

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Her 'Monkeypox' remark sounds terribly flippant. I think she is an idiot.

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Oh she is an idiot and nobody liked her either! When the vaccines were first available she was so against it and she was all “nobody tells me what to do” blah blah. Then her brother got Covid and died and sister was severely ill with it. So that opened her eyes to reality, but in a very sad and tragic way.

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No problems except a sore arm.

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I had the Moderna bivalent two weeks ago. My husband had the Pfizer bivalent on Sunday.

My experience: flu-like symptoms and pain at injection site beginning in the evening and into the following day. The day after I woke up completely back to normal. No AFib episodes. Ectopics no different from usual, but then thousands per day is my “normal”, haha. Sore arm persisted into the following week but after a few days it was only noticeable if I poked at it. Otherwise I wasn’t aware of it.

My husband: nothing. Not even a sore arm. Went to work on Monday and felt completely normal.

Last year I had the same flu-like symptoms after the Pfizer booster. My husband had no after effects, so this year’s reaction to the vaccine was more or less the same as last year’s Pfizer booster both of us.

Neither of us were offered the flu vaccine on the same day so that hasn’t complicated the picture at all.

Interestingly, my husband had the full on flu-type symptoms after his first AZ but nothing at all after the second. I only had a sore arm after both AZ, so we’ve each reacted differently to the various vaccines.

I wasn’t too concerned about the after effects. I knew that my immune system was just doing its job, which is the whole point of the vaccine

So… if you were OK last year you’ll probably be OK this year too. If you reacted with flu-like symptoms, perhaps it’s a good idea to prepare for the same thing happening. Or you might be just fine.

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I had no problem with mine.

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Hi had covid jab last Sat, but didn't have flu jab at same time cos worried about side effects as I'd recently gone back into AF. Was stiff and tired next day but no sore arm. Strange thing though and probably completely unrelated, my pulse was 100 and BP 130/100, but now pulse 60 and BP 117 /75. Is covid jab a cure for AF, don't thing so but it would be nice if it was a side effect.

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Your HR and temperature go up when you have an infection so it’s probably a normal reaction as your immune system mounts its response to what it thinks is an infection. I didn’t take my BP though. My HR was up by about 20-30 bpm. after my vaccination. I can see on my watch records that my HR rose gradually in the evening and was elevated overnight to about 80-85, gradually fell the following afternoon and was back to normal by the evening. Temperature was slightly up, but the following day or two it was actually low at about 36.1C. I’m usually around 36.5-36.8C. But it came back up to what’s normal for me. Last year was reading a book about the immune system at the time of my booster and it was interesting to track my own responses which corresponded to how the immune system responds to index and how it resolves. Never thought about taking my BP. Might try when I get my flu jag.

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My husband had a stroke 24hrs after his 4th covid booster which was Moderna. The cardiologist said it was a side effect of the vaccination and my husband cannot have anymore covid jabs. He was left visually impaired and has been very unwell. He was on blood thinners at the time of the stroke, so would have probably died if he had not been taking this medication. I am not having my 5th booster. I am in poor health with heart failure and only God knows if I will end up like my poor husband. We both have had our flu vaccinations recently with no side effects at all. I guess the flu vaccine is tried, tested and is safe.

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How awful. I wish your husband a speedy recovery if that’s at all possible.

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Hi Florence I had Moderna vaccine after having phizer last time. Only side effect I got was one night of aches and pains and stomach felt a nauseous for about 3 days. But as we know they effect people differently. Most of my friends had the upset stomach too. But vaccine hopefully better than catching covid. Hope it goes well for you.

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Had my Covid jab a couple of weeks ago and no problems except for a very slight soreness at the injection site which lasted about 48 hours.

The flu jab, which I had on Monday of last week was a different matter though. There was a slight soreness at the injection site for about a couple of hours afterwards, but it then went away. However, several hours later, it came back with a vengeance, and I was unable to lift my arm without significant pain in the shoulder. I also felt very cold that night.

Feeling cold passed overnight and I was fine the next morning. The pain in my shoulder diminished over the next 3 days when it finally disappeared.

I've had a flu jab for many years now and this is the first time that I've experience any problems, so I guess that it's the particular strain that's the problem this time.

I do think, though, that the discomfort I suffered was better than catching the flu without any protection.

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I’ve heard that some people have had quite a kick from this years flu jag. The reports from Australia say that their flu season this year has been a nasty one. I think this year’s vaccine uses the H2N3 Darwin strain and it’s supposedly a good match for what might be doing the rounds in the northern hemisphere. It’s only my second flu shot so I’ve only one to compare it with and I didn’t react at all. So far I don’t know anyone who’s had proper flu this season. I remember my dad’s friend getting flu and dying in his sleep. Not that old either, only in his early 60s. Quite unexpected.

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i had my booster last week, Pfizer, after about 12 hours I felt unwell, went to bed and woke up in af about an hour later, it lasted 9 hours. I've notified my gp because I want to avoid it in future, took me 3 days to recover. I had mild palpitations after last years booster so perhaps it's me! Most of my friends have been fine, but hey don't have af. Good luck , hope you have no side affects.

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In had palpitations 7-1/2 weeks after last years’s booster. I felt terrible. Not sure about new bivalent … cardiologist last March said I should not get next booster and now just saw him and said get booster what’s a little heart palpitations… I think he forgot he told me o more booster my palpitations sounded like afib. Tired.

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Hi, I had the same reaction to Pfizer. Had very bad palpitations and ended up in A&E. Took 5 hours to get my heart rate down, and was diagnosed with P.Afib. I had previously had a couple of episodes of palpitaions over 3 years. I presume the jab just exacerbated it

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My cardiologist says no more shots after two Pfizers. Myocarditis and an ablation that was undone.

Why get boosters now?

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there is no way I’m getting another jab, it’s no where near designed for the current variant of covid and Research has come out saying it does nothing for us. That’s just me though

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Just read a couple of days ago a statement from Moderna, Pfizer stating their research shows that the latest bivalent (covid) shot, that those who do have a pronounced reaction to the shot is a result that the shot is actually working as it should and that they are actually benefitting by better protection from it. I can speak for myself I had no reaction to speak of until the fifth bivalent shot which I had a slight sore throat and a rash that lasted a couple of days, which I was concerned about, but after readng the statements the drug manufacturers came out with, I now feel fortunate I did have the reaction. Other than that it is just like the other four shots. Reaction is just bothersome not painful or anything. Just keep in mind per drug manufacturers statement if you do have a reaction you are better covered from covid. Have a Blessed Day.

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Just telling what I read on msn website. All I know I used to gamble on certain things but when it comes to my health I'll take every possible protection I can, what harm can it do but if effective it can keep us from this dreaded covid and the severe effects it can have on us.

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The best from these vaccines is yet to come, just be patient! And... keep adding boosters, regularely! The fact is that these are not vaccines, since they do not prevent you from catching Cov and transmitting it. They are, actually, experimental gene therapies, but who cares...

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Mt wife and I (both early 70s, she fit, me permanent AF, recently had Covid and Flu vaccs.

Both a little sore in the arm. I did feel a little bit like I was "coming down with something", and a bit "shivery" for a day. Then OK.

Would I do it again? Yes.

Why? Well I think it puts the odds more in my favour. Yes, there can be a reaction to vaccines. But, from what I've read & digested, a serious complication is unlikely. More likely would seem to be a bad experience with Covid ( already had it once - it was a very bad 3 weeks for me and I would go a long way to avoid a repeat), or even worse "long Covid".

The first 2 vaccinations, I was also aware that it was not just myself I was protecting but also reducing the possibility of my spreading the virus. Perhaps not so much of an issue now, when fewer people are hospitalised and death rates are low. But, still, I like to think that I'm less likely to spread Covid if I'm vaccinated

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Auriculaire in reply to BillCook

Afraid that is just wishful thinking. There was never any data on transmission from the clinical trials as transmission was not studied and a Pfizer representative admitted that in the European parliament last week. Anybody who took the trouble to read the protocols for the trials ( available online at the time) knew that . The notion that you were getting vaccinated to protect others was false but was deliberately fostered by both public health bodies and the media. It was propaganda and most people bought it . Since the arrival of the delta variant it has been known that vaccinated and unvaccinated people have the same amount of virus in their noses and throats and are equally likely to spread the virus. Worse if the vaccinated feel milder symptoms they are more likely to go about infecting others and not staying home .

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1st Booster due. Slight 'pressure' from work to have it (NHS affiliated job) . Got my antibodies tested (Zoomdoc £39) Result shows 'antibodies present from either covid vaccine or prior covid infection' . So no booster needed.

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just a bit of a sore arm x

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As far as the mRNA vaccines are concerned there are differences in the amount of mRNA in the jabs. The original Pfizer one had 30mcg of mRNA but Moderna had 100mcg. Maybe explains why there were more cases of myocarditis in young men after Moderna . The children's doses have less mRNA. The first Moderna booster was reduced to 50mcg . Pfizer stuck with 30mcg. I don't know what the amounts are in the new bivalent boosters.

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Hi, I have had three COVID vaccines like you. I reacted badly to the Pfizer last year. Since being diagnosed with P.Afib I have found I'm much more sensitive, and my heart reacts. A month ago I had the Flu jab, and for the first time felt terrible, with a racing heart several times over a weekend. I was very worried and asked my doctor if she though it could ohave been the flu jab and she said yes! All vaccines apparently give you a fever, which in turn affects your heart. I will not be having the booster as I've heard a lot of people having negative side effects. I hope that helps

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I guess I'll probably be ostracized, but I haven't had ANY vaccines since 1982. Somehow my immune system has shrugged off and or ameliorated anything so far, Covid included. I did get Covid once about 4 months ago. Just a bad flu as far as my wife and i were concerned. We stay up on our D3 (5000IU) day and so it lasted about a week. We've decided that we will not be getting any of theses shots, flu shots included as we have seen too many people we know directly or have heard of friends accounts of friends and or relatives having bad effects from these shots. My sister-in-laws husband aged 68 got brain swelling after shot #2 and spoke only word salad had to be in hospital for nearly 3 weeks.

My sisters youngest boy aged 42 died of a heart attack on his front porch one Sunday AM about 10 days after shot #2. These two are just a few examples of people I know of. Look at all the "died suddenly" in the news and particularly the sports people. Never was this bad in prior years. The common denominator APPEARS to be the shots. We'll take our chances thank you.

One last thing. Why can't people be able to voice concerns over these shots? Instead they are deplatformed , ridiculed and sometimes attacked for it. Losing ones livelihood? Why? It's actual mortality rate is now shown to be very low.

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We have had 5 Covid vaccines now and both had our flu jabs and no major problems. I have had no problems. with any of them and my wife ony had 24 hours of fatigue with the first one - I had Pfizer and she had Astra zeneca, when she had her 4th jab in June the nurse told her most people had the fatigue and/or headache with Astra Zeneca used as the first jab - she also had it for second jab and that gave her no problems. My cousin did get similar fatigue and headache with this last one - can't decipher the name of it on the card but we all had the same one. My cousin just took a couple of paracetamol and was fine after 24 hours. Between us we have been having the flu jab for decades as my wife is asthmatic and she has never had a problem with that - or a 5 or 10 yearly pneumonia jab - depending on testing prior to see if she needs another jab. Maybe we are lucky as we are all different but I have been jabbed for so many different things over my years in the military - on call for duty at 4 hours notice anywhere from the frozen wastelands to the dried up dessert I felt like a pin cushion. Thankfully, no problems with any vaccines or the like but we are all different so always be aware and take any changes seriously and check with your pharmacist if you have any problems and they will advise on any treatment needed or suggest you see your GP. Good Luck

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