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Refused flu vaccination


I has an appointment today at Asda Pharmacy for over 65 flu vaccination. After completing forms the pharmacist refused to give me the vaccine as I take warfarin.Went to GPs surgery to enquire and was advised that yes I could have the injection but unfortunately the surgery will not have the vaccine until 11th November. What a fiasco! . Has anyone else has this experience?

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No. I take a different anticoagulant and it's never been suggested to me that this is a reason for not having the flu jab. I've never heard that being reported on here either. Asda pharmacy is being ultra cautious, methinks! You're hardly going to bleed buckets as a result of what's not much more than a tiny prick. I have never even needed a plaster - in fact no blood at all.

I guess you could try a different pharmacy if you don't want to wait until Nov 11th at your GP surgery?

sam1zoe in reply to CaroleF

Boots do them and Well pharmacy

sam1zoe in reply to sam1zoe

I had one in Boots and am on warfarin

Thom7 in reply to CaroleF

Thank you. Yes I will wait to have it done at Doctors surgery

Maryann99 in reply to Thom7

Hi,I have the same problem can’t get the over 65 flu jab & I have cod &heart failure plus osteoporosis,an a loss to know what’s going on. None of our local chemists have it GP will have them in 8th.november .keep well everyone x❤️

I had this problem with Boots pharmacy when I was on warfarin. I booked in with the doctors surgery instead and I was in and jabbed and out of tbe surgery with no mention of or concession made to my being on warfarin. There was no blood and no plaster offered. I am now on apixaban bjt dont intend to test out Boots. I will be going straight to the doctors surgery! X


How strange. I've been on warfarin for 15 years and never had this problem!

I was on Warfarin and now on Apixaban. No problems with flu jab with either.Could not even see where the needle had entered.


Thats Asda for you then. Nonsense !!! been on warfarin for fifteen years and had flu jabs most of that time. I would mention that I have never bled to death from a wasp sting which is about as big as the jab. Jobsworths or what?

Thom7 in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob .So frustrating when Asda have the vaccine and have to wait until 11th November to have it done at surgery.

seasider18 in reply to Thom7

Strange that supermarkets have it but not surgeries. We were booked for ours on Tuesday but had a phone call to cancel it as they are awaiting another delivery and to phone back on October 28th.

Did not see the usual notice at our local Kamson's pharmacy when collecting a prescription yesterday.

I got my flu jab with no problems at the Pharmacy.

I was refused in one boots store because I take warfarin so went 6 miles up the road to another boots store covered by a different health board and they gave me the flu jab there and then, it depends on the health board that covers the area in which the store is located each health board has different rules......crazy world.

Eadaoin in reply to sportscoach

It must depend on the individual pharmacist and how much care he thinks he needs to take. I prefer safe not sorry.

I live in wales I had the same problem last year in Boots I was told by the person doing the vaccine that I had to have it done in the doctors because I was on anticoagulant. She had be working in England the week before and told me I could have had it done there.

I had my flu vaccination at the Doctors surgery in September, I was first in the queue :-) . My sister in Derbyshire and her diabetic husband had theirs cancelled until November because stocks have run out. Bad planning by someone...


Last year.

Nhs worker.

Was refused then agreed then refused as they were not sure i could.

Fiasco was awful!

Didn't get it in the end..

Had an awful bout of fku.

Fot told off for not having it.

So silly.

Getting this one on 29th

Good luck.

Our surgery cancelled the flu clinic for October and I had to make an appointment for mid Nov as they had run out of vaccine. I also inquired in Boots and Tesco and was told the same thing, over 65's vaccine will be mid Nov.

It's annoying to see all the advertisements advising us to get a flu jab when they've already run out of vaccine!

PattsieL in reply to Angie06

You can have the under 65 vaccine if you see your GP

No probs with warfarin . Our Surgery first date for over 65s mid November

Mike11 in reply to Bagrat

These seems very late. Our surgery started at the beginning of October and I think everyone who wants it now has had it.

Bagrat in reply to Mike11

Yes thats how it is this year. Usual ads and texts but the super dooper OAPs special is being staggered. I suppose reduces chances of error if done as a separate event. I did mutter "could have had flu twice by then" but only under my breath as surgery very good

Mike11 in reply to Bagrat

I suppose they can only make so much at a time, but there's already a lot of flu going around so somebody has made a cockup, probably by late ordering.

Eadaoin in reply to Mike11

I believe there's a new version on its way!

Angie06 in reply to Bagrat

Same as us, it must very in different areas.

On Riveroxyban and had no problem getting the vaccine at Boots, Ludlow rather than waiting for the usual bun fight at the surgery.

I must be lucky, had over 65 jab, last Monday, my surgery has no problem with supplies. Mind you I'm in London so maybe that's why

CaroleF in reply to MisUse

Oh I don't know …. I'm 'out in the semi-rural sticks' and had my over 65 jab on Sept 22nd - the first of the flu clinics at my GP surgery. Mind you I don't know how they are placed now; they were holding clinics in October and November too.

I have had the flu jab last year and this year at Boots. I am a Warfarin user. The pharmacist explained to me why we users of this medication are injected with the vaccine subcutaneous instead of intramusclarly. Have had no problems at all. I am 66 years old. I have found the pharmacist at my branch of Boots to very caring and fully explanatory whilst performing the procedure. No bruise was left at all, no pain. No interaction with the cocktail of heart meds I have to use. I feel it is better to have vaccine than suffer with flu. Much better to be safe than sorry.

Thom7 in reply to gwenny31

Thank you for your reply. After researching on the Internet the explanation given by your pharmacist is spot on.What a treasure to have such a caring person to refer to. Perhaps if all pharmacists took the time to explain the procedure it would help with the problem.

not had this problem, been on warfarin for years but then again I always get my injection at the docs.

I can think of no clinical reason not to have a flu jab solely because you are on warfarin! I had the flu jab and pneumococcal jab earlier this week with no problems at all.

I think Asda's refusal reflects our increasing litigation culture!!

I would advise anyone needing a flu jab to get it done as soon as possible as all indications are that there will be local shortages of vaccines in the UK

Eadaoin in reply to radagast58

I think you will find the reason for not doing it is more likely to be about training given to pharmacists, Some prefer not to take responsibilty for giving it to people on blood thinners in case of a nuscle bleed.

I've had this before with these supermarket 'pharmacies'. They've been told to be hyper-cautious and won't even give advice that a normal pharmacy would. Go to a proper one and you should be fine.

Tesco’s are doing them too, maybe they might be more helpful. My friend is on warfarin andhad no problem there. Getting mine today at the GP surgery.

Hi. This happened to me last year. I couldn't get an appointment at the surgery flu clinic so went to asda. On hearing that intake Apixaban they refused to vaccinate me too. At my next GP appointment I was given it by the Doctor himself.

This year I tried to make an appointment for the four clinic as soonest they advertised but was refused because I recently had a fall and awaiting head scan results. Looks like it will be late November for me too.

Just hope we will be ok until then.

I have never had the problem, because l have never taken a flu shot and l have never had the flu? I have read too many controversial issues regarding flu shots. So ease your life a bit and forget stupid flu shots. Build your immune system with vitamins minerals and healthy eating. Just my opinion tho ... do your research!

Hidden in reply to Janith

I absolutely agree. CDC in US did a study a few years ago and found them ineffective in those over 65. GP advised against getting one. He Just uped my Vitiamin C and D intake.

Eadaoin in reply to Janith

I hear over the counter vitamons are a con and a waste of money - eat a balanced diet and you won;t need them.

The Warfarin clinic that I attend always wants to check your INR within 10 days of having the flu jab, I think it is a precaution. I am having my flu jab next month but could have had it last week, but didn't suit me as last year my heart went out of rhythm after the flu jab!

I saw that on my form as well. They had taken off the breast cancer part and put in the blood thinner part. I am not on any at the moment so it was ok. Strange. I guess because those giving the shots aren't medical staff and they want to cover their a**

Health & safety gone mad probably. It's ok if you are seriously ill with flu rather than have an issue with the prevention mechanism cos flu is nothing to do with the pharmacy. They may get sued for the flu jab so they dont want to take a risk and they wont get sued for for not doing anything, possibly comes into the discussion. I had the flu jab before I commenced a/ c last year so I have not had that discuss ion

Sorry i am afraid I am now very cynical.

I usually have a flu injection in September but my surgery hasn’t offered one yet. They weren’t able to provide any coherent explanation when I rang to enquire.

I work in a surgery. Pharmacy can't give if on certain medications. Especially warfarin as it can alter the INR levels.

As there are two types of flu immunisations this year ( one for over 65 and one for under 65) the drug companies have limited delivery dates to all hence why some have to wait until other deliveries.

We usually get the lot beginning of sept but this year is different.

Hope this helps

I’ve been told to have it! And I’m on warfarin! Hope you’ll be ok.

Usually the two local GP surgeries arrange to visit sheltered housing on a specific day and most who live there (including those on warfarin) have the flu vaccination then, in late October. This year no notice has been posted so people who didn't arrange for vaccines in September at doctor or chemist are getting worried. Both surgeries and pharmacies have run out of the over 65 vaccine and have no idea when more will be available from manufacturers. I was told that none of this vaccine is available now and nobody has any idea when it will be available again. It seems that no arrangements have been made for the very old (one resident ages 102) and frail to be vaccinated and some are saying that they just won't bother this year as they are expected to phone round trying to find somewhere with the vaccine..

Hello Thom,

Just wanted to say that for me it is worth waiting to support my GP surgery and the NHS who have looked after me brilliantly through thick and thin. The GP surgeries get a tiny payment for each injection as do Asda and Boots, and work long late hours and weekends

to make sure their patients get them.


My local Surjury is the same,

In fact toget the over 65 flu jab

My appointment is the very end of November...

My dad's on Warfarin, and over 65, and has had the flu vaccine for a few years now. No issues.

Hi there--I am on Apixaban and have had no problem in the past with having a flu jab at sainsbury's pharmacy( Lloyds.) The problem with this year's flu jab for the over 65s is that only one company is making it and it is being delivered to surgeries and pharmacies in batches, as there is not enough to supply everywhere at the same time.

Been on warfarin since 1992 and never missed a flu jab or been refused since they have offered them!

Yes. Last year the Pharmacy told me he could not give it to me as I was on Edoxaban - something about in case of bleeds into a muscle. I had to get it done at the Surgery which is a bit of a nuisance as that means getting an appointment with a nurse.

Thom7 in reply to Eadaoin

Yes After researching the subject I understand that it is how the vaccine is administered that is the problem. If on Warfarin it has to be administered under the skin and not into the muscle . Thank you for your reply.

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