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Flu Vaccine and anticoagulants


I went into Boots for my flu vaccine, and paid for it as I was told NHS did not know when they would be ready yet ( I had no prob last year). Since last year I have been taking Dabigatran. After quite a wait I was finally told that I would need to have it subcutaneously but that the pharmacists had not had their training yet and I would have to travel to a different town! I felt like a complete nuisance.

Does anyone know what is the procedure for the flu vaccine if you are taking anticoagulants please?

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Seems like a lot of fiddling around! I have been taking Apixaban for 21 months and will have my jab at my GP's surgery in 3 weeks' time - same routine as last year and it was merely noted that I was taking an anticoagulant.

Why is someone making a fuss about something so straightforward? Poor you - you're not a nuisance, Boots are twits and I would be inclined to complain!

Finvola in reply to Finvola

Just noticed the word 'subcutaneously' in your post. Probably the person you spoke to thought that INR needed to be stable or intramuscular was likely to bleed, not knowing that a NOAC doesn't work that way.


No problem I have been having my flu jab every year for ages and on warfarin for at least ten of those.

That is what happens when you try to cheat the system ! Good luck. My appointment is 14th October.

I'm on warfarin. GP surgery, who now do my INR tests , notified me to get flu jab done and the nurse did it straight after my latest INR. No fuss at all. All done for this year. Just hope they've got the formula right this year.

Hi! Pacific. Should not have a problem taking Dabigatran and receiving the Flu jab. I am also getting my shingles jab at the local surgery at the same time. Two for the price of one! This will be the second year.

Just out the front door of the LGI (Leeds) after second ablation on Wednesday morning. They're marvellous there. What a team and so encouraging.


Bagrat in reply to DavDug

Our surgery advised my husband at least two weeks between shingles vac (live diluted virus) and flu jab. I suppose they all have different protocols?? You would have thought there was a universal one.

DavDug in reply to Bagrat

Too be sure you would!

More to the point, you will be eligible for a free flu jab from your GP given your underlying condition

This week I received a text from my surgery saying that I was eligible for a free flu vaccination and giving the dates. As I am only 61 I had assumed that the AF was the trigger for this as I thought only the over 65s received the jab.

I used to get them because I was a nurse through work. When I retired at 60 I just said "I had one last year" ( those were pre AF days)

I have the same problem with Boots. I just book in at my Doctored surgery then no prob.

For those who haven't been offered it, worth also asking your GP practice about an anti-pneumonia jab. I asked and had one a couple of years ago - they last for life. I was then only in my 50s but qualified as a high risk heart patient.

I had a text from my GP'S surgery telling me when the clinics were for the jab. I ended up having mine today but they said it had to be sub-cut and not intra-muscular because of the rivaroxaban. Silly question but will it still be as effective?

Ourkids5 in reply to Therealsue

can I ask what you mean by sub-cut? as I have just commenced on rivaroxaban and gp wants me to get the flu jab next week, have never had flu jab before ,

Therealsue in reply to Ourkids5

Sorry, Ourkids. Sub cut is sub cutaneous. They stick the needle just under the skin or it goes in relatively shallowly, whereas it goes in further when it's into the muscle.


Your gp should have offered you the flu jab . I had mine days ago , sub cut as you say as I'm on rivaroxaban . The needle goes in at a different angle I find . Same result tho !


Been on edoxaban and bisoprilol for 6 months after stoke and AF can I still have flu jab as usual

I take Rivaroxaban and i had my flu jab with no problem, the nurse at my doctors' surgery did it....I told her i was taking it and she said that's no problem...Are you allergic to eggs? lol

I'm on edoxaban and have the flu jab every year, no one has ever questioned it and I've never had any issues

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