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Vaccine for pneumonia


Having this next week. Anything I should be aware of or ask nurse. No effect from flu one but never had this one before.

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I had this several years ago and had no side effects whatsoever. Same with the shingles jab. Did you know that it is important to have the shingles jab particularly if you have actually had shingles?

I always try to pace inoculations out, working on the principle that my body can only cope with one thing at once.

Barb1 in reply to jennydog

Thanks for reply. Don't you have the pneumonia jab every year. I'm not old enough for the shingles one

jennydog in reply to Barb1

I think it's just the once.

Eliza2 in reply to Barb1

There is a series of 2 different pneumonia shots. You need them both as they cover different things. Was told to get pneumo13 first then in 6 months the other.

Barb1 in reply to Eliza2

Well that's interesting. Are you in the UK?

Eliza2 in reply to Barb1

No , USA

Hidden in reply to Eliza2

Never knew there was more jabs😣😣

Hidden in reply to Barb1

Thinking used to be 10 yrly for pneumonia

Barb1 in reply to Hidden

Yes. You are right

robert7 in reply to jennydog


I had them both , for the first time two days ago ,, no side effects at all. We all worry too much.

Hidden in reply to Luludean

I'm 50 I'm going to worry till I get buried now lol

Just being cautious

Barb1 in reply to Barb1

Went to have it at booked apt. No vaccine! Come back in April they said!

I had the pneumonia vaccination a few years ago , no problems.

I haven't had the shingles vaccination, I was told you have to be 70 years old to get it.

I have had shingles, it was horrible so painful and I couldn't bear clothes touching my skin.I will have the vaccination when I can I don't want a repeat performance .

No problems with pneumonia vaccine a few years ago - just sensitivity at injection site.

Had shingles jab at 70 - no problems there either.

Had pneumonia jab a few years ago - no problems - it is a one off jab. Was in hospial last December with breathing difficulties, had a virus, xray showed that I had pneumonia a few months prior, traces still there. Had not had a cold or infection that I could remember so most confused. Asked consultant about jab, he said it does not cover all strains - answer I expected. Had shingles jab a couple days ago asked GP if pneumonia jab needed topping up - answer no - then same reply as consultant.

seasider18 in reply to cassie46

I was offered it several times after I turned 65 but turned it down as articles I read indicated it not to be effective. Then before I was about to have heart surgery (2012) I asked my doctor for it. He said we are told no longer offer it as it is not that effective.

Magsann1 in reply to cassie46

Sorry you have been poorly. Re chest X-rays, does anyone know on this site if they inform you immediately if something suspicious if cancer shows up or do you have to wait 1/2 weeks for results

doodle68 in reply to Magsann1

Hi Magsann :-) if anything serious shows up you are usually told quickly.


Hi Barb, I have AF, a full stroke in July 2016, pulmonary toxicity / cryptogenic organising pneumonia (COP) three years ago. I delayed my pneumococcal jab until a week ago because of COP and I haven't had any side effects apart from slight tiredness and, some night sweats that I get if I'm not 100%.

Thank you John Boy

Good luck with Pneumonia jab people. I've been trying for over a month to get mine after they sent for me to have it. Turns out there's a problem at the manufacturers. Now told to ring in two weeks. It's a joke right?

irene75359 in reply to Decka59

No, it is not a joke - the vaccine is in short supply as my husband tried to have one before we left for Spain.

Decka59 in reply to irene75359

Would't they send for people when they have it rather than when they don't?

irene75359 in reply to Decka59

I think they are all waiting for supplies and promised 'soon' delivery dates.

I had a pneumonia jab in 2015 and still had pneumonia at the beginning of this year. I am aware that the jab doesn't cover every strain so I think I was just unlucky. But I don't regret it if there is a chance that it stops me getting pneumonia again. I have never felt so ill, (for almost two months) and coughed so much which has left me with a hernia.


I had one few years ago no probs at all

The jab recommended every 10 years. It works for me. I started it 14 years ago. No problems. I now today have my second COLD in 14 years. Obviously no pneaumonia. Marney in Canada


I am just recovering from an apparently non-serious chest infection and it made me think again about pneumonia, as I am quite prone to respiratory infections, but usually only in the head.

Ihad both the recommended vaccines about 2 years ago, but for various reasons, not in the recommended order. (So I had PCV13 at least 8 weeks after PPSV23)

I had no side effects from either.

I am now wondering whether my immunity has been significantly affected by this, and if so, what if anything, I should/can do to 'boost' it?

Thanks ... I am probably being unnecessarily cautious, but pneumonia is definitely to be avoided!

Roger (age 77, CLL Stage 0, Dx Jan 2012. Also AF)

I think the Pneumonia put me in AF but they sent for me to have a jab they didn't have. When they got it they said I already had one in '97 and it's a one off. Don't need it again! Do I not? I just had Pneumonia. Nearly killed me for 7 weeks and now 6 months off work. Lost my HGV licence and very nearly my job of 18 years.

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