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I say my surgeon yesterday for a follow up. He asked about my symptoms since I have been healing and he was extremely pleased that things have gone well so far. He was surprised to hear that I caught the onset of pluracy which means I didn't need antibiotics and just a little tramadol and Motrin for a few days cured it. I still have two more appointments to go to before I find out just how well by body is doing with this surgery. My brain is getting better with the PTSD and guilty that makes me cry here and there but even that is getting better. I still get emotionally when I talk but I can hold back the tears a bit better. This is going to be a long recovery but the past three weeks have been good. I'm so proud. Now I'm not jumping ahead and I'm going to start doing all the things I use to. I don't like to be lazy but I am walking more and that's a start.

I'm going to do this one day at a time and no faster. Hugs and much love to all who suffer AF VF and all the stuff that's in between, before and after.

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  • Really encouraging post Ruby, we all know that you have had a very difficult time, but you have persevered and tried so hard to do all the right things so you should be proud of yourself and that hubby of doubt you will have a few ups and downs on the way, like we all have, but at least you know you can have better times....long may the improvement continue so that you can start to focus on other things that will interest you and maybe take your mind off health wishes, John

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  • Well done with your recovery.

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  • Good to hear you are recovering well!

  • Excellent news! Lovely to hear some good news.

  • 🙂

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