Feel finally good after ablation!!

Hi all just a note to say ive had my ablation 10th of november and yesterday i was finally starting to feel like my old self, still feel slightly breathless but in nsr so all ok, had an xray of my lungs there all ok and heart is doing well i hear :-) Hopefully this is all going to be over for me now and i can get back to work and start living a normall life , and for all those who are having an ablation,its taken me about a month to feel normal again and some people longer im told!! So dont worry you will all get there i did. Still taking the rivaroxaban and sotolol though but hoping to come off them in febuary :-) Sorry for all the worrying and thankyou all for listening to me, you all have been great support, you all know who you are,maybe i could help other people now who are going through what ive been through, these last couple of years have been hell and hopefully it wont return and if it does i hope it wont be for a very long time!!! Take care all :-)

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  • So pleased to hear your news. I have been wondering how you are. Hopefully all will continue to improve. I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family and your new found energy!

  • Thankyou

  • Fantastic news! well done ,hope you continue on your path to recovery!


  • Thankyou

  • Good to hear this, Steve. All the best!

  • Thankyou

  • Well thank goodness for that Steve.....now not too many drinkies over Christmas !

    Keep well


  • Hehe thankyou Sandra

  • I would never say I told you so! lol

  • Yes i know, thanks Bob, i would never of believed you at the time

  • really pleased for you

  • Thankyou :-) :-)

  • Sounds like you are doing great. Marvelous!

  • I am thankyou

  • Good man Steve - it was very tough but you did it!

    Best wishes

  • Thanks :-)

  • Fantastic news. Keep it up.

    Quite a times it takes much longer than one month.!!!

  • Thanks Pete

  • That's so great! Don't rush your recovery. Still lots of healing to be done. Savor the fabulous feeling!

  • Thankyou will do

  • Great news Steve, and hope all continues to get better for you!

    I was reading a medical description of ablation recently and it gave the strong impression that you could expect to be back to normal in a few days. I have realised through reading your posts and others that that was misleading so you have already helped others by posting honestly about your experience.

    Thank for letting us know your good news.

  • No problem and thankyou

  • Very pleased for you - keep up the good work! I hope to be in that position at some point.

  • You will Alan, if you was anything like me you would never believe it at the time that you would get there, i was cardioverted,that only lasted 9 days then was in afib for ages till i had an ablation then that only lasted 4 days then i thought i had no chance, then a couple of weeks after my burns had heeled and legeons had formed they gave me another cardioversion over the top of that, and thats whats finally kept me in nsr.

  • Very pleased to hear this! Have a lovely Christmas without the worry of AF! Mine too seems to have settled since week 3. Here's hoping!


  • Thanks Judie, that makes two of us then :-)

  • Brilliant news, hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very positive 2016😃

  • U too, thanku

  • Well Done Steve.

    Best Wishes


  • Thanks Barry

  • Isn't it great Steve. Back into the old sinus rhythm and feeling like your old self. It's like night and day. Take care though as there is stacks of time to improve yet for the healing process. Dave.

  • cheers dave

  • Thanks for giving us an update Steve. I had my ablation a week ago, and feel guilty staying in bed until gone nine o'clock in the morning, but I am still ready for bed about ten at night! During the day I am getting back to normal, but I am mindful of the advice that I have read on here and not trying to do too much too soon.

    Take care.


  • Try to get as much rest as you can Lynn, its a slow process, im still recovering but not half as bad as i was, just a relief that hopefully its all over now. I think it wears you down mentally too if you let it.

  • Can I ask how well you felt about 2 weeks after your ablation Steve?

    I'm hopefully going for an ablation very early in Jan but I may be starting a new job a few weeks later. I'm hoping that a couple of weeks of doing very little will get me feeling well enough to take on this new role!!!

  • I think two weeks is a bit too soon mate, you should be ok if its not a very physical job, everyones different but i wouldnt of been able to do it, my heart was racing then stoping n starting as the af was trying to have a go through the ablation, its only when the legions heal and start to swell it holds it in a more stable nsr, my af felt more stronger than before after ablation,i was in nsr for 4 days after ablation then back in af and symptoms were even worse!then had to call ambulance out as couldnt breath n heart was going mental then they cardioverted me a couple of weeks after and ive been fine since,its cos i was cardioverted after the ablation and the legions on my heart had swollen so it held me in nsr better,i was getting cramps in my groin to and had to keep walking but that made me out of breath lol,but that was me, u might be totally different. I had a right mare mate! Lol, but im ok now it was well worth it!! All our hearts are different mate, u might be fine,

  • I'm an IT Trainer so nothing too taxing physically. There may be a fair bit of travel to start with though but I can't imagine sitting in a car woul dbe too much to handle.

  • Oh IT, thats my game, im Comptia A+ qualified, but thats only basics really but i enjoy it when im having a dable at home, no you should be ok mate, just ask doctor for some good pain killers and take it gently when your moving around, let us know how you get on please, ill be interested to know

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