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Hi to the AF people on here

Hi everyone. I hope your all good and your health is being kind to you all. I haven't been on here for a long while perhaps 12 + months. Its been a bit over 2 1/2 years since my ablation for AF, I thought I might do an update. I'm better than I was my anxiety has settled and the AF has not returned but still get small nudges to remind me what its like. Really its been a good outcome and I accept the little nudges as warnings it could happen again in the future, but I hope it doesn't. I remain on Flecanide and still have to take it twice a day just a small 50 mg dose. So far that's all I have needed and am up for review this Thursday with my cardiologist. The other issues have all but gone which is a godsend and I still have the gastroparesis flares at times but its paled into the abyss most of the time. My asthma has now developed into bronchiectasis but that's mild and the specialist had a look inside my lungs just last week and has given me a good chance of it not getting any worse with ongoing pyhsio and speech therapy which I am doing pretty good at so far. Anyway hi to Bob and everyone else thanks for all of your guidance back then, it was a godsend ...god speed and stay well where ever you all are cheerio

Regards Jo Misseyj55

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Lovely to hear from you Jo. I'm really pleased to hear you are doing so well.

Just out of interest who performed your ablation, it sounds like they did a good job.



Hi Jean I live in Victoria Australia I'm not sure of putting Drs names on here or the legal ramifications of doing that. If someone could advise I would be happy to put it on a post or send you a message maybe.... cheers


Good to hear a great result Missey. Thank you.


thanks Bob :)


You have a lot to contend with Joe,so pleased you are doing well and coping,sounds you are a cheery soul,this helps and keeps you going.Stay as well and happy as you can.


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Thanks Eleanor :)


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