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6 weeks post ablation


Has been 6 weeks now since my ablation and things continue to improve. Ectopics a very few now, have occassional short runs of fast heart rate now and then. Still have a bit of fatigue, but is getting better all the time. Heart rate is still running above normal at 70 bpm as apposed to 55-60 pre ablation. Seems this is normal and may stay like this for up to 12 months. Overall things are just getting better every week and if it didn't get any better or worse, I would be more than happy to stay like this. Still 6 more weeks to go before seeing EP again as I have loop recorder under my skin and send reports to him starting next week.

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Happy to hear you're doing well. I have the same fatigue problem. Seems like I tire out easily. My heart rate is also running higher than normal.

I have been a few weeks now without felling any irregularities in my heart. And I agree completely with you. If this was the result of the ablation I would be very happy.

I would like to have the recorder but the Dr didn't order one. My appt isn't till June 7th.

Anyway it's great to hear how good it's going with you.



Well done both of you. I wish mine had been as good first time round but heh it all OK now.


johncb in reply to BobD

Hi Bob, how many ablations did you have before it corrected and did you have similar incidents after these ablations?




Hi John,

I had three RF ablations over a three and an half year period up to 2009 since when I have been A F free although I do still get ectopic beats and sometimes odd very short runs of tachycardia but this is quite normal. It seems to be vagal related as some foods can set it off or large meals late at night. I also found my heart rate to be much higher, around 80, for about a year after my last and my consultant told me that ablations particularly multiple can do this. It is now generally around 68 resting. There is generally a three month period post ablation while the scar tissue is forming when all sorts of odd things can happen and I did have to have three cardioversions each a month or two post ablation to correct atrial tachycardia which started up. Not sure why but anything is possible once you start messing around in there I guess.. There is little LONG term data on efficacy of RF ablation at this time as it is still relatively new science but there is a view amongst specialists that there is a 50% chance of AF returning within five years of successful ablation. Whether multiple ablations change this I don;t know but I would take those odds thank you very much. I must confess that I was quite worried when I knew that I had prostate cancer that the surgery might set off the AF again but that was two years ago this June and it didn't. so things look positive right now.


Good to follow all your progress!! I am four weeks post ablation. Ectopics have reduced to almost nothing, thankfully. I do still have a sore right thigh but had it checked by GP and he thinks it is just nerve damage and will go eventually. I do get a really bad indigestion pain/bloating if I sit hunched up. I had this immediately after ablation and it was mentioned again that it could be heat/nerve damage. But these two discomforts are tolerable compared to AF/Atrial flutter episodes which had blighted my life for the past nine months. I am slowly getting back to walking and can only manage about 20 minutes a day, but determined to up this!!I still get fatigue quite easily....just why is this???????

I know it is early days...but keeping positive!

Thanks Bob D for all your support!!

Had ablation now over 2 years ago. It was second attempt, I'm keeping my fingers crossed it lasts at least to the end of the year so I can go abroad with insurance on holiday. It made an incredible difference to my life and I am just so grateful I had the procedure done. It did take me a full 12 months to feel free of AF as I had all sorts of 'funny' feeling around my heart area immediately after my ablation and off and on after that. Best of luck all of you. If anyone lives in the Staffordshire area please let me know as I feel it could be useful to set up a support group for pre and post ablation AF. Beano j.

Hi Beano, I don't live anywhere near Staffordshire, live in Perth western Australia, but it is a great idea to have a support group as it is a scary journey when you first discover A Fib and just the unknown of what can happen with it and the lack of information, especially when you are still at the GP stage and even at the Cardiologist stage. Mine (Cardiologist) was dead against ablation and wanted me to stay on drugs till they didn't work anymore, which of course probably meant ablation would fail at that late stage. Definately needs more information and choice for the patient after diagnosis and more info after ablation because as you say, strange things can happen with your heart that may have no bearing on weather the procedure has failed or not.

good luck to you


Hi johncb.

Glad everything going well and you are improving.hope you keep making progress.

My situation is I was diagnosed with atrial flutter/firilation just over a year ago,tried cardioversion but after just over 2 week,on both occasions, was back to square one.

I was referred for Abration but was told that due the difficulties in entering a catheter into the right atrium the dangers involved in my case it was not worth the risk.unless I become much worse.

Seems there is an abnormality with a vein around the heart.. The medical term is

"Persistent left superior vena cava "

Well Unfortunately over the last 4weeks I had 3 episodes of trachycardia where the only way to get back to correct rhythm was a dramatic dash by ambulance to a/e where an intravenous drug was used.

I have an appointment with prof. Newby at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary coming up.soon to discuss the next step they suggest.

Be interested if anyone else is in a similar situation?

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