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6 months post ablation for flutter and afib

I've been reading through a few posts and decided to write my own rather than piggy back on someone else's.

I'm now 6months post PVI and Ithmus Line ablation and I'm doing ok.

I say I am doing ok, I still have a slight arrhythmia, mainly ectopics I think but it's never been picked up on any of my holters.

I can go weeks without noticing anything then I have 2 or 3 days when I get bumps and wiggles BUT NO AF! Which is the best feeling.

I gained weight over Christmas and new year without even trying so now new year is here I am trying to loose weight.

I did think about going vegetarian, but my family are all carnivors so that's going to be tough.

I want to add, that I am still a big advocate of ablation. The change in my quality of life has been extraordinary. If you AF proves debilitating, then go for it.

Would be interested to hear from any of the old timers who are at a similar stage to myself and to know how you are all getting on.

Cheers and happy new year, better late than never....

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Doesn't time fly! Is it really 6 months since your ablation? So glad you are doing so well. I so agree about ablation and the improvement in quality of life. It's wonderful not to be ruled (and bogged down) by medication any more.

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Wow Japaholic, that 6 months has gone quickly, so pleased that things are going well for you. My 2nd ablation is coming up shortly, like you I'm very much in favour of the procedure. Unfortunately for me SVT has also raised its head but they are doing an EP study at the same time as the AF top up ablation to determine what can be done...so pleased we live in a day and age where they can do something to cage this condition

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I am also waiting for my second ablation and also have an s.v.t. to add on. My flecanide stopped working so i had 6 weeks when i was in and out of A.F. and in a constant slowish tachycardia (95 bpm ) . Then suddenly i went back into normal rhythm with a rate of 55 and that is how it has been ever since thank goodness. So what all that means i dont know. I thought either the flec worked or it didnt. Well im not stressing about it just enjoying the peaceful heart and hopefully the next ablation will reveal all. So glad all is going well with you and great to catch up withyou old timer! X

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Not an old timer, but glad to follow your progress and wish you well in 2016. Maybe you can be the family member who brings the creative non-meat dish to gatherings?


Just over 6 months for me as well. Entirely successful so far and a new life never having to think about AF.




Its good to hear you are AF free, and wow that 6 months has gone quickly!

Its 18 months since my PVI ablation and I'm pleased to be able to report no AF after the initial first 2 - 3 weeks.

I still get the odd ectopics that I am aware of but these diminished over time, and noticeably after I retired last March.

I don't know whether ablation should be considered as a cure or simply a surgical as opposed to chemical (drugs) way of stopping the AF but I am with you in that it is for me by far the preferred solution.

All the best for an AF free future


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Good news for you! I am nearly 7 months post ablation and I am appreciating every second of my new AF free life. As for the weight gain, I would go with that thought to ditch the meat. It is not good for your heart or your weight. It is so easy to maintain a good weight on a plant based diet, and it is so heart healthy. Be well!


Glad to hear things are going well for you and life is almost back to normal. I feel great since my ablation 11 months ago, although it's not been a resounding success. I'm back on the list for a second ablation, but have no apprehension what so ever in having the procedure. Since my ablation the AF episodes I've had have only been for a matter of hours opposed to days and the meds pull me back in NSR. My EP is confident that the second procedure should have me off the flecainide.

Try not to think too much about it reoccurring. I did and there was a strange kind of satisfaction when it did. A little weird I know, but my EP wasn't too positive after my first procedure and since seeing him a month a go he thinks after the next one there is a very strong possibility I could be AF free.

All the best


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