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8 Weeks Post Ablation


Hi everyone 1st time posting here.

I'm 35 and had a catheter ablation on 9th May. I was told by the surgeon that he thought he had ablated what was needed and was happy that all went well.

They picked up eptopic beats overnight so I was put back on 2.5mg of bisoprolol. Was told after 4wks to stop this and see how I go.

Well after 5 days coming off it I felt dreadful and passed out.

My own doctor put me straightback on the bisoprolol as he said I was in AFib.

This made me feel better but still wasn't right so I'm now back on the dose I was on prior to my ablation of 3.75mg of bisoprolol.

I'm still getting quite alot of palpitations and have had quite a few panic attacks since.

My concern is that I now seem to be having more symptoms than before I had the ablation.

My idea was to have the ablation and be medication free but I'm back where I started so it all feels pretty pointless and beginning to wish I never had it done.

Has anyone else experienced this or does it get better thankyou.

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Hello Emmarich and welcome to the forum. I can understand why you must be feeling down, but it is still early days and it is likely to take at least 6 months until the scar tissue has formed so try not to be too dispondent. The added stress doesn't help either, so although not easy I know, try to relax a bit if possible. You are relatively young (compared with me anyway!) so is it possible you tried to do too much too quickly.........I had my ablation a year ago, and I had some initial hiccups, but I feel fine now although I'm 60 10 (I hate admitting to being 70!).....best wishes, John

It's still early days and you need to see how things improve for a while. It can get better as the healing time goes by.

Ablation may not always be the complete cure one hopes for, but if you don't go for it, you deny yourself the opportunity to improve and you enable AF to progress until it is so entrenched that ablation at a later date is less likely to be successful. Congratulate yourself for taking this bold step and be optimistic - but commiserations too as it is hard if it doesn't feel at the moment as good as you had hoped.

Touchups are not uncommon . Just make sure you have a skilled EP who does lots of ablations. Skill and repitition are key.

You are still in the blanking period but if showing lots of symptoms a touchup may likely be needed.

HI Emmarich Sorry to hear you arent completely sorted yet but fingers crossed it will all settle down and there is always the opportunity of a second procedure ? Id be interested in knowing what your symptoms were pre procedure and what was it that made you decide to go ahead with the procedure ? Cheers JG

I had 2 AF episodes post ablation followed by lots of ectopics and ectopic runs. I also had a number of anxiety attacks which caused me to feel slightly dizzy, ill and tachycardic. I didn't realise that these were anxiety attacks for a long time. I eventually got treatment for this through the TalkingSpace Plus programme in Oxford which was most beneficial. I still get ectopics but nowhere near as frequent and I use sotalol as a PIP.

This happened to me after catheter ablation, I was far worse than before the treatment, kept getting white outs which were explained a pre blackouts and I honestly thought I was on my way out, so breathless and so ill and my heartbeat going down to 35 bpm so I was fitted with a pacemaker and my life has turned around, I am still taking Bisophroral and Disopyramid but I have been A/F free now for 2 years so keeping fingers crossed. I hope they manage to get you sorted out, good luck.

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