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Hi everyone,

Just to let you know I am new here btw.

I had a cardiac ablation in February, and it cured my heart diseases, AF, and wolf Parkinson white syndrome.However it is 3 months and 19 days after the ablation and I dont feel well.I dont take any medication, but my heart seems to have a fast pace every time I move around to much, and goes up to about 100bpm. My next appointment with my cardiologist is not until july 24. My cardiologist said that 100bpm is normal, but I am still concern that it went up so high in the past months.Can someone please answer soon I am very anxious.

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  • Takes time for the heart to heal. Sounds normal. I am into my 6th month Post Ablation and still waiting for a "normally" lower heart beat to calm down. I am also recovering from a Ablation inducted PE that plays into it. BUT I am medicine free!! Keep Calm and Carry on!

  • Okay, hopefully it will get down.Thanks a lot!

  • Still early days yet. Fast heart rate post ablation is normal and can take six to nine months to slow down.

  • My resting heart rate before ablation was 62, after and for 8 months it was 94. But it comes back down, slowly and my dr. advised me this was normal and not to be concerned. it is now back to 64-68.

  • I had an ablation last August, so nearly a year now since. My heart played fast and loose for a couple of months afterwards and did some funny things in particular after I had exercised. However it settled and is behaving itself for apart from ectopics which is to be expected and perfectly normal.

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