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Activity after ablation

I am due to have an ablation for atrial flutter and AVNRT on Wednesday this week. The sheet I was given At the pre-op check said no driving for a week, no work for a week, but gave very little detail. Can you walk each day? I am currently recovering from endometrial cancer following surgery 8weeks ago. It took weeks for the consultants to decide whether to treat my heart or do the hysterctomy first. Looks like I should be a new woman for the new year. Can't wait.

I was initially diagnosed at 57 with a hole In the heart , which was repaired two years ago everything was fine for 4 months, then my heart started to misbehave and despite a variety of drugs and ever increasing doses, nothing is controlling the beats per minute.

I have a congenital heart consultant, an adult cardiologist and now en EP, but I am down to have procedure done By an EP I have never met.

Just looking for some practical advice from those who have had an ablation. I want to give myself the best chance

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I hope all goes well for you- I'm sorry you have had so much to cope with.

There are lots of people here who will give you the advice re ablation Good luck!


Do nothing for the first week ( TV remote only) and not a lot more for the second but whatever you do listen to your body. It does take a long time (up to three months or more for full recovery so don't be too impatient.

Good idea if you do not have somebody at home to look after you is to get sorted out early with lots of TV dinners and ready meals. Make sure that you stay well hydrated at all times. Min 2 litres of WATER a day. Helps flush out the nasty drugs and any GA you may have.


Yes you will be up and able to walk after about 8 hours but take care walking up and down stairs - keep the leg with the wound straight on way up and down for a day or two to protect whilst it heals.

You will flat on your back though for the 8 hours immediately after and not able to turn on your side, do that bit well and you shouldn't have any wound problems.

I was pretty much doing normal house things a few days after but lots of rests between, its worth planning what to do whilst resting. As Bob says, do take it easy as it easy to overdo things in the first few months.

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I had an ablation 2 weeks ago and was anxious to drive by a week. I've made an effort not to lift more than 10 lbs for the 2 weeks and take frequent breaks between household duties. I've been sleeping late and still regaining strength. I do have a higher than normal pulse, but I'm not concerned about it yet. It's still early and I'm feeling better, but am taking it slow. I want the ablation to work so I'm giving it every chance. Best of luck to you and it sounds like you have a good attitude and that will help!



First of all welcome to this forum

I have had an ablation twice, sometimes this happens it is a precise procedure but there is nothing to be concerned about

I had mine done at papworth by Dr Agawarl

Your EP will be a highly qualified guy

I was driving 48 hours after, I was up and about in 24 hours, a little discomfort where they go in at the groin but no pain at all

I'm sure you will look back and think there was nothing to worry about

Your body will let you know if its doing too much so just rest when you need to

Make the most of being looked after and good luck

Let us know how you get on

Kindest regards


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Sorry to be critical of members who are far more experienced than I, but mear1957 is talking about Flutter, and not Fibrillation . I was driving after 48 hours. Golfing after 10 days also swimming 20 to 30 lengths front crawl in the fast lane. I'm 78 going on 79. It's now 4 weeks and I feel great. Best of luck.


Mantra: Pace don't Push!

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