Five Cardiac Ablations

Hi Everyone, I had my first two heart ablations in 2012 and 2014, at a hospital in the USA. After the two ablations, I continued to go into Tachycardia. The hospital in California, finally after two failed ablations, asked me if I would consider having the nerves to my heart cut. I didn't like the idea of cutting nerves to my heart. Upon having another tachycardia attack, I was taken by ambulance to Severance Hospital, in Seoul, Korea. At Severance Hospital, in Seoul, Korea, the doctor decided to do heart ablation. The ablation slowed my tachycardia, but didn't stop it. The doctor (Cardiologist) then done a second ablation. This would be my fourth ablation counting the two heart ablations done in California. The fourth ablation slowed my tachycardia to 140 heart beats per minute. The doctor at Severance, waited 4 days and decided to do a fifth ablation without putting me to sleep. After the fifth ablation which took over 8 hours, (very painful) I was placed in ICU for recovery. Approx 5 days later I was discharged from Severance Hospital. For the past two months I've had no pain and my heart is beating like it's new. The young doctor at Severance Hospital (38 years old) is the most amazing doctor (Cardiologist) I ever met. Doing the ablations with my wide awake on the operating table, was the most incredible medical procedure I ever encountered. The doctor explained if I was asleep during the ablation procedure, most likely, the source of the Tachycardia would never be found. Thank you Severance Hospital, for the best medial care ever. Thank You Doctor Kim, You are not only incredible, you are amazing!

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  • That's a story for the grandkids, mates around a campfire etc etc

  • Excellent result so glad it worked for you!

    I had 2 ablations under sedation were the level on consciousness was on the edge so I had a sensation but as soon as I had pain, I received pain relief. You must have been able to keep very still, despite the pain so well done. People unable to keep still is the main reason that some doctors prefer GAl

    Our local doctors told us at a support meeting that the younger docotors coming through are skilled at this procedure, much more so than older more experienced doctors - partly because they have better manual dexterity but also because they have just done so many of these complicated procedures in training that their older counterparts just have not had the opportunity to do.

  • Just happy I didn't listen to doctor in California, and have the nerves to my heart cut. Yeah, this young Korean Doctor (Cardiologist) at Severance Hospital, Korea, seemed to have a lot of experience and he never gave up in trying to stop the tachycardia. Severance Hospital in Seoul, is a very impressive place. Hard working doctors and nurses. Great medical care.

  • I originally traveled to California, for my ablation procedures. I done so because I saw a video on-line from this California Hospital, showing how the ablation procedure was done and saying the success rate was 95%. I give the doctors in California, high marks for at least attempting to stop my Tachycardia. I was placed under medication at the California Hospital, so I was asleep during the ablation procedure. I now believe, the young Korean Doctor found the source of my tachycardia by doing the ablation while I was awake. However, being awake during the procedure is painful. I just gritted my teeth and accepted the pain. No pain, no gain!

  • Well done, what a journey. So pleased you have had an excellent resolution.

  • Sorry to hear your about your stubborn problem. All I needed was one 1.25 hour ablation to fix my A-Fib and A-flutter for good. I guess I was extremely lucky.

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