Magnesium taurate

Hi all, an odd question but does anybody that they suffer worse from afib and ectopics whilst taking magnsium taurate, i am currently taking 375mg daily on advice but have noticed that the last couple of periods that i have used this my heart misbehaves, whilst returning to the norm if i run out or stop using for a period of time, this could purely be coincidence but thought i would ask the question - thanks

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  • I take MG Taurate on recommendations from others here and Dr Sanjay Gupta. My AFIB episodes have reduced in both severity and frequency. I can't be sure it's the Mg but they certainly haven't increased at all whilst I've been taking it. Did your GP recommend it or are you just trying it out?

  • Hi, took it on advice from GP, i am sure that it is just coincidence and will continue to take, can i ask what doseage that you take? - thanks for reply

  • I only take one tablet a day of 125mg.

  • Ok thanks, i have been taking 375mg at the advice of cardiologist - thanks for reply, glad its working for you

  • That's a rare GP, wish I had him/her, mine wouldn't go near the subject

  • I take Magnesium Taurate. I have seen a great improvement and now stay in NSR nearly all the time.

  • Thanks for reply, i will continue to take and assume it to be coincidence as i have never heard of anybody else having a bad time with it, coyld i ask what doseage that you take? - cheers

  • Took 250mg for 1st year now 125mg per day with a good diet

  • Great, thanks for reply

  • Sanjay Gupta posts some great advice on U tube about AF and magnesium.I did read that magnesium if you take too much can give you loose stools so to reduce dosage if that happens.

  • Hi, thanks for reply, i have watched a number of his uploads on this subject, i can only assume that i have coincidently had a bad run of Afib whilst on Mg, but i will keep taking it as it seems to have had a positive effect on all - cheers

  • I take one tab every day like clock work. I'm convinced it's helped hugely. I also take Hawthorne every day. And co enzyme

  • Mmmm may want to get some advice on taking CoQ10 as well, my Naturopath thinks for me (Lone PAF, 63yo) Mg works best with CoQ10 - one relaxes the other strengthens. You can be tested for your levels of Red Cell Mg and CoQ10 at BioLab London and I understand is best to make sure you are in the top quartile.

    Hope something there helps.

  • Magseium is required by the body for many functions and especially as a heart calmer. I take 800mg a day. Secret is to slowly increase until you get loose bowel then step it back. Taurine is another excellent heart calmer and I take half a teaspoon a day. If you google a site called AFibbers it has oodles of excellent information on AF. Has kept me sane over the years. tell the Joy sent you 🤗🤗

  • Hi, thanks for advice, i will up the dose and see how i get on - cheers

  • I am female, 77, and have had PAF for 10 years. Ablation 3 years ago which reduced the frequency. I have been taking Magnesium Taurate 125mg and CoQ10 for a few months now with no AF! Long may it continue. I walk every day, no shortness of breath or pain ever....Meds: Metoprolol 50mg Apixaban 50mg twice a day. Flecainide 50mg pill in the pocket just in case! My plan in life is to get on with it, do it whilst you can.....

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