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Update on recovery after CRT-D op

What a couple of weeks. Well after a trip to ae after an allergic reaction to the iodine used in my op. Then a trip back up a few days later to find myself admitted to a ward then last Tuesday admitted to my original hospital found out I got a large blood clot up my left arm and an infection. Finally got out of hospital Monday (despite docs asking if i wanted to go to another one for few days). So now on blood thinners (Apixaban). And strong antibiotics painkillers plus my usual meds and my arm in a sling. Plus not sure if my device gotta come out - will find that out in couple weeks. Will go back in on right side of my chet if it needs to come out. But despite feeling pretty grotty and sleeping more than normal you gotta put a smile on your face and get on with things. Only had one af episode in hospital which is a bonus I guess x

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Oh dear. Shit happens and you seem to have got most of it. I really hope things settled down for you now. Got to love your spirit!



Thanks Bob. Best way to be upbeat as plenty people out there worse off than me x


Sorry to hear all that Jules. Keep smiling! I'm sure that will help you recover. Heather


Dear me Jules, you have been through the mill with yours. I had the CRT-D fitted 7 weeks ago, in the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank, Glasgow. The surgeon had the leads and PM in, in under an hour. I was certainly warned of the risks but been OK. Hardly notice it's there now.

Hope you get yours sorted out soon and hopefully, without having to go through it all again, on the other side.

I found I fell asleep everytime I sat down, for a couple of weeks after. Only really been back to my normal this week. Thank goodness, since I am involved with the sound recording for a film that is being produced by a group from Glasgow.

Hope they get the infection cleared up without another op and hopefully you will feel the benefit once it all settles down.

Why did you have yours fitted? Contacting the DVLA, if you are a driver, will depend on why the PM was fitted. Again, if you are a driver, you should have been told not to drive for a month after the implant. Mine is a Prophylactic Implant, (preventive implant), and I do not need to imform DVLA. It's only if the ICD triggered that I may have to inform them, depending on why it triggered. If that happened then it would be no driving for between 6 months and 1 year.

Will be pleased to hear how you get on.



Hi Walt. Had it fitted as in my cardiologists words "your hearts electrics buggered" and I then asked what that meant and he said "you could drop down dead any minute". Ive known him a few year as he was my mothers cardiologist so he knew not to give my any crap. Im still feeling rough but getting plenty rest. I dont drive. Think its the uncertainty of whether it gotta come out is the worst but been told ill get one back in on the right side. I knew the risks and im just one of the unlucky people who have bit rough time. Hopefully my electrics wont switch off for good few years yet and I never get the shock. Ill get sorted eventually but its just a waiting game x


Hi Jules, well he was certainly straight and to the point. I certainly always go to see my EP/cardio with a load of questions about the electrics of the heart. He knows I am an electronics engineer and certainly goes into it in great depth. Told him I like to know all the gory details. I was given the choice of the CRT-P or CRT-D. I opted for the D, since like you I'm a candidate for SCA and, living on a remote farm, paramedics would never get to me in time if I arrested. I suppose I've got to 72, so done not too badly.

Keep resting as much as possible, it'll get better. Hope the antibiotics do their job quickly, and you don't need another hospital visit.



Hi walt. Thanks for the best wishes. Antibiotics seem to be working but had an unexpected trip to hospital yesterday to get my device adjusted. Doc came and said redness around wound site still didnt look right and was red hot so got an appointment with him Friday to see if its staying in or coming out. But def getting it put back in on right side so ill update you when i know x


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