Crt-d op now out way

Finally had my pacemaker/defibrillator op. Had to have a lead re-adjusted so in operating theatre twice but apart from still being slightly sore seems to be ok. Only problem I had was when went to my docs for sick note. Im a carer for my father and needed a sick note to cover me while recovering but her attitude was "youve got a pacemaker you can go back to work". Tried to explain that at minute trying to lift him, bathe him etc bit difficult but her next response was "get another job". Id only been out hospital 3 days. My partner at this point got quite irate and i was nearly in tears. Ive got a number of other heart problems not just af and know that the op was to try and help improve my symptoms and give me a hopefully better quality of life. Anyway upshot got the sick note for six weeks after that its up to the gods. If cant manage to look after my father I would feel so bad but if I cant and need another job so be it. Well if I see any improvement. So after an emotional two weeks time to pick myself up of the floor and get on with it x


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  • So sorry you experienced such an uncaring attitude. The reality is that some doctors are most unsympathetic and some are over the top cautious when it comes to any heart related issues. Why can't they see a middle way? I know many people who are given doctors notes at the drop of a hat and at the other end of the scale, I was never offered one throughout my entire working life! Maybe some of us look deceptively well.

    I wish you all the very best for your recovery. X

  • Jules, how awful to experience such an attitude from your GP. when you are feeling so vulnerable anyhow. I do hope things improve for you. Best Wishes. Sandra

  • Thanks everyone onwards and upwards as they say x

  • Hi Jules, I'm quite annoyed at the attitude of your GP. I think he/she should be given a copy of the "Living with your CRT-D" booklet as well as the information from Arrhythmia Alliance. They tell you very clearly not to lift your arm above shoulder height for six weeks and not to do any heavy lifting plus a wealth of other information. I had my CRT-D fitted 5 weeks ago, today, and I'm only just getting back to doing some things now. Still being careful with the left arm.

    One of my sister's, who was a nurse, told me that one of her nursing tutors said that all nurses should have to go through an operation, so they would understand what their patients were going through. I think some doctors, and especially yours, should have to do the same. Your doctor isn't even following the advice of the CRT manufacturer.

    With my very best wishes and if you want to compare "notes" just say so.


  • So many mixed messages. It's great to care for elderly parents, but too bad if you have medical problems and are trying to recuperate. I encountered something similar years ago when had 3 very small kids, including a newborn and 18 mo. old with pneumonia. The MD said I couldn't get help because it was a social, not true medical need.

  • Thanks everyone for the comments. Think I was mainly annoyed as before my op my gp was keep asking do you need sick note but I managed to look after my father until could manage no longer. The one she did eventually covers me until my 6 week check and just see what happens with regards to lifting caring for my dad. If need to look for another job instead of caring for him ill hate to do that but thats life x

  • Well now in my local hospital waiting for an infection to clear then heading to Freeman once it has to have CRT-D taken out and once no sign of any infection put back in. Under general anisthetic next time. I just thought the swelling around my wound was normal but no. So probably another 5-10 days in two hospitals but gotta smile or ill cry x

  • Smile in the knowledge that I am thinking of you. I'm new on here but nevertheless I am sending you lots of love to make you feel better. Smiling makes us look younger too ;) x

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