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Update on covid and af

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Hi few weeks back I got covid, just a update to say I got through it but was ill with high temperature for 12 days . My heart rate was high an af was having a field day . I emailed my af nurse who advised only be worried if heart rate over 125 constant and blood oxygen went below 90.

I did end up going to hospital as chest very tight very breathless, just get checked out.

Now trying to get back to normal which is only the breathlessness I’m still getting.

One thing nurse said if I hadn’t had vaccine I would have been lot worse, so thankful I had it thanks to having AF lol x

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Glad to hear that you’ve recovered from this dreadful virus , and it’s good to know that having the vaccine meant that you were saved from further complications. Hope you’ll be feeling much better soon

Regards Lynne

May your recovery continue & you recover your health very soon. Slow & steady does it & lots of Rest & Recuperation.

Just as an aside, the EP I see has set up a Long COVID clinic for AF patients who have continuing problems.

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Janelr in reply to CDreamer

I’ve been under covid clinic now discharged and advised if still struggling goto gp who will refer to longcovid clinic, hopefully won’t need to x

It's good to hear that you have recovered from this dreadful thing and that the vaccine did its job, even though it's a pain that you caught it in the first place. Take it very easy and let your system recover completely - best wishes.

I hope you soon make a full recovery and the breathlessness rights itself. It must have been a great worry for you all, but you've come through it - hooray!!!

Please let us know how you get on.


Quote ''One thing nurse said if I hadn’t had vaccine I would have been lot worse, so thankful I had it thanks to having AF ''

Hi Jane :-) good to hear you are recovering from C19 and have had your vaccination too.

Are you still taking Apixaban , I was interested to read that Cambridge University are trialling Apixaban as one of the drugs to help prevent complications following C19/ long Covid ( the HEAL-COVID trial) .


I take Apixaban and will be keen to see the results. It would be good if those of us taking it have an extra layer of protection from complications of the virus in addition to the vaccination .

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Janelr in reply to doodle68

Hi I’m on edoxoban interesting read though

May I ask which vaccine you had and what was the time period in which you contracted Covid-19. Thanks in advance, etheral

Hi I had the Astra Zeneca and had it 8 days previous to getting covid .

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rosyG in reply to Janelr

I’ve a paediatrician friend who told me they used to vaccinate children fir measles when they caught it as it led to less serious outcomes. Probably Dane for you as you hadn’t had full time fir immunity to develop

Janeir, Best wishes for your complete recovery. If this is how it was being vaccinated, I would say that you are quite the lucky one indeed. 👍

Wishing you a complete recovery, sorry you have been through this, and so pleased you are out the other side.

It's great that you've got through it. Were you / are you on supplementary oxygen and, were you / are on a steroid like prenisolone? Blood oxygen (SpO2) at 90% in an adult is the "knee" where SpO2 goes into free fall and you become hypoxic. I was 76% before being admitted . Are you measing your SpO2 with an oximeter? Recover slowly, it's easy to feel better and think that you've recovered, but you haven't.

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Janelr in reply to john-boy-92

Thanks for that I keep thinking I feel great but when o go out to walk I struggle to breath lungs feel like they are burning. My spo2 only dropped to 93 so I was ok they said sent me home same day they just wanted X-ray lungs and bloods . Hard day as my af playing up so haven’t got much energy

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Janelr in reply to john-boy-92

I found using my cpap at night think helped too

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Janelr in reply to john-boy-92

I’m on steroid mixed inhaler symbicort struggled to take it, but no predisalone think I wasn’t poorly enough thankfully

Glad you have got through all that and hope you continue to recover. I too found the time frame of 8 days from vaccination to COVID of interest as I believe the incubation period for coronavirus is about 5 days and the vaccination takes 2-3 weeks to become fully effective. Best wishes.

Glad to hear you’ve recovered get well soon

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