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Went into er they told me its good I went they did an ultra sound on my leg AND NOTHING! Im fine no blood was taken but I think im fine I just dont know why my leg is hurting thanks to everyone for their concern!! :)


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Good to know they found nothing untoward. That should ease your anxiety; which is bound to help. Just take things steady and all will be well.


lulu91 in reply to cyrilbarnes

Thank you yes I am trying my best to calm down and relax! Thank you very much

Great... you did the right thing, you can rest easy now and recover well!

lulu91 in reply to iris1205

Yes ! :) but my anxiety gets the nest of me and im thinking what if they missed it or the doctor isnt telling me so that way I wont be scared or ill move around more thats just how I am though :/

iris1205 in reply to lulu91

Get into some kind of program... yoga, meditation, therapy.... truly whatever- to change this approach. It has such an enormous effect on your entire system, not just your heart. We can't always change the AF, but we can change how we relate to it.

I lady I've recommended before - and her podcasts are free.



Lulu where exactly does your leg hurt? I get a lot of pain in my calf and this comes from my back actually. Sciatica where the sciatic nerve is trapped or pinched is REALLY painful. It is quite possible that they put you in an odd position on the table when doing the procedure and things aren't back in place. Lay on your back. Bring your knees up (heels to your bottom.) then lift your right foot up onto your left knee. Holding it there roll your hips and such to the left so that your right knee touches the bed. Do this ten times and then repeat with the left foot up on your right knee. I find this helps .


lulu91 in reply to BobD

Hello it hurts in the calve down to the bottom of my foot and I will try that thank you so much!

Lulu - so pleased to hear that there's nothing serious wrong. You absolutely did the right thing by getting it checked out though.

Yes, it's great to know there's nothing untoward happening. I hope Bob's exercises help, planning to try that myself because I occasionally get a knotted calf muscle...


That's excellent news, Lulu. Now you can put that worry out of your mind.

Very pleased indeed for you.

Take care and every good wish for your recovery.


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